Treatment Bag – gifts for cancer patients going through chemotherapy

Treatment Bag is a social enterprise that creates gift bags that have been specifically put together for cancer patients going through chemotherapy and other treatments. They contain a selection of luxurious, relevant products to help you feel a little better on your worst days. 

Lisa Dennis Treatment Bag from Jennifer Young on Vimeo.


The team behind Treatment Bag 

The organisation began when one of its trustees was sitting in hospital undergoing chemotherapy, when a cider apple farmer appeared to have his treatment as well. He had brought with him carrier bags full of apples and decided to bestow them as gifts on the other patients, despite not knowing any of them. Realising how special and powerful that gesture of kindness was to each and every individual, the trustee came up with the idea for Treatment Bag. 

Treatment Bag Skincare from Jennifer Young on Vimeo.


What they do to support cancer patients

Today the enterprise supplies Fair trade cloth bags filled with goodies (generously donated or discounted by suppliers) and put together by volunteers in Somerset, before donating them to organisations and charities as well as direct to individuals. They are on a mission to provide 52 bags a day, 52 weeks of the year and are well on their way.



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