What is a skincare routine? Step 3 - Treat

Cleanse, tone, treat and moisturise -are you beginning to get the picture? We have covered cleanse and tone in our previous two blogs and now it is time to reveal the treat – a serum, often described by salons, as the most important part of any skincare routine. I think of all four steps as being equally important but, if you have been using a Cleansing Balm, some of you won’t need a serum. That said, Defiant Beauty Serum is one of our most popular products and our clients take delight in knowing that their serum was created specifically for those affected by cancer. The ingredients are few (so that sensitive skins have less to react to) but well-chosen. The team who helped to create the serum wanted a nourishing, natural, organic, serum with anti-aging properties. Not many of our clients need convincing of the benefits of serum but just in case, here are 10 reasons to use your serum after you cleanse and tone 1 Serum is incredibly concentrated and restores skin condition 2 Serum can provide noticeable benefits 3 Oils often help to balance the skin, resulting in fewer spots and breakouts 4 Serum feels divine 5 Your skin looks healthy after an application of serum. Glowing is the word that clients often use when describing the change in their skin condition after using a serum 6 Jennifer Young serum is made from high quality organic vegetables and is very good value for money. There is no water or additives in the serum, making it relatively expensive to produce. Everyone loves a bargain 7 Serum should be massaged into the face. Massage is incredibly beneficial and is known to reduce signs of aging. 8 No self-respecting salon would provide a facial that did not include the use of a serum. Often, the serum is used as the massage medium and the facial massage is often the part of the routine that takes the longest. 9 Air conditioning, pollution, harsh products and stress are part of everyday life for most of us. All have a negative impact on the skin, the face reflects all of this and a serum helps to lessen the impact of modern day life. 10 A serum is pure indulgent luxury-your treat If you have any specific questions about toning or skincare routines, please follow Jennifer Young on Twitter @jenniferksin and tweet your questions. @jenniferskin is on Instagram too.

By Jennifer Young

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