Using Jennifer Young skincare when you don’t have cancer

Jennifer Young skincare products were formulated to meet the needs of anyone who has had a cancer diagnosis. However, that is not to say that they can't be used by anyone else.

For many people, once they have started using the products they continue beyond cancer treatment and remission. Equally, amongst our team members, the spa therapists who use our products in therapies and our friends, many use our skincare products because they're gentle and they work - particularly for anyone with sensitive skin. Here, our editor, shares her experiences using our products as part of her daily skincare routine, tackling dry skin and allergies caused by pollen and pollution.

Daily skincare for sensitive skin
Defiant Beauty - Face Basics Collection

I have always preferred natural skincare ingredients wherever possible, but have often found it hard to navigate the ingredients lists on the myriad products available. I have also always been susceptible to reactions from skincare products and as I get older I have found that I am more predisposed to reactions to my environment - notably pollen and pollution. The summer now consistently brings skin reactions to seasonal change.

In a bid to heal my skin after a particularly aggressive reaction, I began using the Jennifer Young skincare products religiously, and I have become a devotee, finding that only Smooth Skin Balm did the trick (within a matter of days), turning what almost looked like the aftermath of a nasty burn into soft skin once again. That experience led to embracing the full range.

My daily skincare routine now consists of the following products, which I have been using for over a month. Here's why I like them...

For gently nurturing sensitive skin
Defiant Beauty - Luxury Face Collection

A moisturising cleanser

The Defiant Beauty Cleanse & Moisturise Balm is a firm favourite at Jennifer Young and it's easy to see why. While it is almost counter intuitive to use a balm to wash your face, it effectively removes make-up (tested with a heavy amount of eyeliner of late), as well as dirt and the remnants of the day. It does all of that at the same time as moisturising the skin - for those with oily skin, you probably wouldn't need a moisturiser afterwards. For me, it's perfect and for the first time in a long time, my skin doesn't look parched (it has always been naturally very dry). I apply it before my shower, let it sit for a moment and then remove it with a warm damp cloth before splashing my face with cold water and patting it dry with a towel.

A moisturising cleanser
Defiant Beauty Cleanse & Moisturise Balm

A hydrating toner

The Defiant Beauty Hydrating Facial Mist is step two in my skincare routine, cooling the skin after washing it and gently toning. It's also great in hot weather for freshening up throughout the day. I spritz and let it dry naturally before applying a serum. Once again, you get the sense that it's working but without making the skin feel tight and it has a lovely gentle fragrance.

A hydrating toner
Defiant Beauty Hydrating Facial Mist

Nourishing serums for morning and night

While you could just use the Defiant Beauty Serum morning and night, I have been using it in the morning, with the Beyond Beauty Night Treatment in the evening. Both are deeply nourishing and moisturising oils, and even on my dry skin you only need a small amount to go a long way. Gentle but high quality, they are quickly absorbed so if you're going on to apply make-up you don't look greasy. After use, skin has a lovely, glowing appearance that makes you look healthy (always nice) and as an added bonus, they're imbued with potent anti-ageing ingredients. It's also a calming, meditative way to start and end the day.

Nourishing serums
Beyond Beauty Night Treatment

A small but powerful finishing touch

I often forget to apply lip balms, which is probably foolish. However, since having the Defiant Beauty Lip Balm it feels like the natural finishing touch to my skincare routine. It's little wonder it's one of Jennifer Young's most popular products - small and mighty, it is once again quickly absorbed rather than sitting on the skin's surface. It's also a nice protective base before applying lipstick or lip gloss.

A moisturising balm
Defiant Beauty Lip Balm

In short, there are three things I enjoy about using Jennifer Young skincare products:

  1. They are enjoyable to use
  2. You know you're doing something very good for your skin
  3. They work

I figure our skin works pretty hard all day protecting us from the world around us - it's a positive way to start and end the day knowing you're caring for it.

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