Updating your skincare routine from winter to spring

Our skin needs different things at different times of the year thanks to the changing temperatures, sun exposure and humidity. For anyone undergoing cancer treatment the changing needs are magnified thanks to the side effects of chemotherapy and radiotherapy on the skin. As the days slowly begin to get longer, the daffodils appear above ground, here are our top recommendations for supporting your skin as the seasons change.

Rejuvenates your sensitive skin

Double cleanse your skin

Why: Cleansing your skin properly not only means removing any dirt, pollution or make-up, but also preparing the skin to gain maximum benefit from all the other products you put on. Think of it like preparing a canvas.

How: Lots of people think that cleansing the skin has to be about using astringent products, especially if you're experiencing breakouts and acne. The opposite is the truth - it's all about being gentle, especially if you're experiencing dry or sensitive skin from cancer treatment. The changing temperatures can make skin more dry than usual so we recommend cleansing oils and balms that moisturise as well as clean. Try a double dose of our Defiant Beauty Cleanse & Moisturise.


Gently removes impurities

Exfoliate your skin weekly

Why: Exfoliating is a great way to remove dry, flaky cells and smooth the skin's appearance, but it's important not to be too aggressive. So many products on the market are far too abrasive, especially when your skin is highly sensitive, and can cause pain or irritation.

How: Try our exfoliator sponge to provide a gentle, soothing exfoliation that removes impurities, doesn't irritate the skin, and is a hygienic way to cleanse sensitive skin.


Gently tones your skin


Layer your hydrating and moisturising skincare

Why: Why use one moisturiser when you can use two? Different moisturising and hydrating products provide different benefits to the skin. Some facilitate absorption, some are designed to be easily absorbed and others prevent moisture from being lost.

How: Take a three-step approach to hydration. After cleansing, use the Defiant Beauty Hydrating Facial Mist and let it dry. Then apply the Defiant Beauty Serum and finish with a small amount of the Defiant Beauty Smooth Skin Balm.


Gently moisturises sore and cracked heels


Don't forget your hands and feet

Why: Hands and feet often take the brunt of our daily activities as well as changing temperatures, leading to cracked and sore skin that can take time to heal and don't get enough moisture from standard hand creams.

How: Use targeted balms that penetrate the skin, and if you have time, treat them like a face mask, popping on a pair of gloves and socks for 15 minutes while the product sinks in. Try our Defiant Beauty Healing Hand Balm, our Defiant Beauty Mild Mint Foot Balm, and our Well Being Beauty Foot Soak.


Broad spectrum SPF


Use sun protection for your skin

Why: We all know that we should use sun protection all year round, especially if you're undergoing chemotherapy or radiotherapy, which makes skin more sensitive to sun exposure. Right now, skin is at its palest as the sun begins to come out - so make sure you wear sunscreen that protects against the full spectrum of UV rays.

How: Lots of people get put off sunscreen because they worry it will clog their pores and cause breakouts. That's why it's important to use a dermatologist recommended product that offers a high degree of UVA and UVB protection, but that's also good for the skin. We recommend Altruist's Moisturising Sunscreen SPF50, designed for sensitive skin to help reduce the risk of skin cancer and prevent premature ageing from sun damage. It contains vitamin E to help prevent cellular damage, is non-sticky and fragrance free. Apply after your regular moisturiser and allow it to sink in before applying make-up.


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