The Well Being Beauty Collection

What is the Well Being Beauty Range?

Taking self-care beyond your regular skincare routine, the Well Being Collection provides an opportunity for holistic wellness during and beyond cancer treatment.

How do Well Being Beauty products look after you?

Well Being Beauty products embrace the amazing qualities of natural essential oils in our oil blends to help to balance your mood.

Which products are included?

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Chakra Oils – Chakra Stone Sets, Chakra Bath Oils, Chakra Body Oils, Mousses & Chakra Diffusers


• Well-Being Beauty Chakra Oil – Crown
• Well-Being Beauty Chakra Oil - Third Eye
• Well-Being Beauty Chakra Oil - Throat
• Well-Being Beauty Chakra Oil - Heart
• Well-Being Beauty Chakra Oil - Solar Plexus
• Well-Being Beauty Chakra Oil – Sacral
• Well-Being Beauty Chakra Oil - Root

What is in our Well Being Beauty Products?

When creating the Well Being Beauty by Jennifer Young Chakra Collection, the benefits of essential oils were considered alongside their therapeutic properties on all levels (fragrance, chemical properties, and energetic properties). All of the oils have been chosen for their affinity with a particular chakra and form the base for several WBB products. Our chakra blends include the following*.

*All information is fully referenced in our therapist training materials


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