The key to modern wellness is evidence

When it comes to wellness, we live in a privileged time. There’s more information than ever before, and that knowledge is only continuing to grow. Of course, there are gaps - you will know from our recent launch of MPlus that menopausal women have been enormously under supported to date. However, that’s changing and the pace of change gets more and more rapid.

The downside to the world that we live in is that there is so much information it can be overwhelming. It can be hard to navigate truth from fiction and half truths, and there is often a divisiveness between factions - medical v natural, surgical v non-surgical.

So, how do you know what’s right for you?

The best of all wellness worlds

The truth is that the reason we’re so privileged is because we can combine the best of all worlds. Well, not truth and fiction, but medical and natural and so forth. It’s about finding products, services and solutions that support us at different stages of our wellbeing, depending on what we need. It’s also about enjoying our wellbeing wherever we can, whether that’s taking pleasure in our make-up, easing irritated skin or making our homes smell so beautiful it brings us joy when we walk into the room.

When it comes to cancer we see divisiveness play out in particularly troublesome ways. At the extreme end of the spectrum we have spoken before about charlatans peddling proverbial snake oil and claiming it to be a miracle cure for cancer. However, when we see science and nature working together, we see wonderful things happening.

For example, when it comes to cancer treatment, we are fortunate to have access to medical solutions if we choose to take them. However, holistic therapies and natural products can, when used with informed advice, provide really meaningful support for mind and body, to help navigate the rigours of cancer treatment.

In another example, the world of aesthetics and non-surgical treatments seems to be particularly polarising. We love natural skincare, but we also know some incredible, highly trained aesthetics practitioners who do amazing things. Everyone wants to look and feel their best, and what that means is entirely down to you as an individual.

The challenge is finding evidence based solutions and authentic, properly trained practitioners to guide you in finding the appropriate path for you.

Evidence based skincare and wellness

At Beauty Despite Cancer, we’re big on evidence. Our spa treatments and our products are all rooted in science-based knowledge and information, and we are clear about which products can and can’t be used in conjunction with active cancer treatment.

For example, we don’t use essential oils in our Defiant Beauty collection, designed for anyone going through active cancer treatment, because they can aggravate sensitive skin and cancer treatment tends to make people far more susceptible to sensitive skin and reactions. However, we do add some essential oils to our post-treatment Beyond Beauty collection, using them for their specific qualities, such as frankincense to aid sleep or ylang ylang to help balance your mood.

We are also very clear that while cancer treatment is an extremely unpleasant thing to go through, and deciding whether and what to take when it’s offered is a personal decision, we are strong supporters of medical science. Our job is to support you, in body and mind, through that process - not to interfere or contravene doctors.

By taking an informed approach and having an open mind, the world of modern wellness has a wealth of support it’s able to offer. Just follow the evidence!


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