Spotlight on Defiant Beauty Smooth Skin Balm

You won’t always need surgery to treat cancer, but in some cases, you do. Those that do go through surgery might be left with some degree of scarring which can range from barely noticeable to quite prominent. Although we can never promise to heal and remove scars permanently, we listened to your worries and developed our Defiant Beauty Smooth Skin Balm. This balm contains Calendula, known for its soothing properties, as well as shea butter, traditionally associated with scar reduction to give you a little relief for your scars and to soothe the healing process.

How does it help?

Whether you have had breast-conserving surgery, mastectomy surgery, general chemotherapy or radiotherapy , you might experience some discomfort around areas of your skin that have been affected and are healing. Calendula is sourced from a plant herb and has wonderful antibacterial, antifungal, and most importantly anti-inflammatory properties to support your body’s natural scar healing process. It helps to support new tissue growth and targets tenderness and irritation around surgery scars. Smooth Skin Balm is a very light balm that can be easily applied to sensitive skin and is so gentle that it will not cause any further irritation.

Here’s what one of our lovely ladies had to say about her experience with our Smooth Skin Balm. Debra Parry came to us with concerns about her skin becoming rough and dry, and after using our Smooth Skin Balm, she was pleasantly delighted that she could finally show off her less irritated knuckles and fingers without a worry:

" The knuckles on the fingers of my right hand are weirdly raised/enlarged and are also extremely dry. The knuckles on both hands are quite red/dry and the skin is very dry between the ring finger and little finger of my left hand. Most creams have little to no effect, or none that lasts, so I'm keeping my very unattractive fingers crossed that regular use of the balm Jennifer very kindly recommended for me to try will help combat the dryness problem as my hands were not like this when I was younger!”

Smooth Skin Balm works to soothe skin by hydrating and nourishing your skin cells and restoring a healthy glow and even Debra’s daughter noticed its affects:

“The balm has really changed my hands - a couple of days back my daughter told me she's really impressed with the difference it has made to them. For a start, I have knuckles on my fingers instead of miniature Auntie Bessie's Yorkshire puddings (raised round the edge, dipped in the centre!)”

Debra Parry – London

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How and when to use it?

Please refrain from using on fresh scars. Ask your medical team before applying to scars. You must also feel comfortable that your scars have begun to heal sufficiently before you start applying any product to your skin.

When you are ready to apply the balm to sore areas, you should begin by applying to a small test patch as everyone’s skin is different and can change after certain treatments for cancer. Although we pride ourselves on being especially suited to sensitive skin, you might feel more confident with a little trial before applying all over.

You can apply Smooth Skin Balm to your skin in a few different ways and we recommend that you warm a small amount of balm between your palms and gently sweep over your skin. You may discover a method which you find more comfortable and we’re all for comfort, so apply with confidence.

Applying after a bath or shower will help to improve dry skin and tenderness, but you can use the balm as much as you would like. As our balm is lightly fragranced with Sandalwood, Neroli and Mandarin essential oils, you will feel and smell absolutely divine, and as an added benefit, these oils are known to help rejuvenate your skin. Following up with some Defiant Beauty Smooth Skin Oil can be a perfect way to lock in some extra goodness and relief for healing scars and irritated skin.

Anyone can benefit from using this balm and we could spend all day listing it’s benefits, but we won’t keep you much longer.

What do others have to say about Smooth Skin Balm:

I had very dry and itchy elbows. After one use of your Smooth Skin Balm my elbows are no longer red, and they have stopped itching. I am ashamed to say that my elbows were getting scaly and now they are no longer. I am truly amazed that one application of such a lovely smelling product can make such a difference.”

- Rachel S

Within a few days my face and hands looked and felt so much better it was unbelievable! All the red patches I'd had on my face have gone and I also had a burn on my hand which has healed so quickly! I know your products weren't intended for me but I'm so happy that I stumbled across you and found the web site!”

- Jennifer Gould

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