Spotlight on Defiant Beauty Healing Hand Balm

What does it do?

Defiant Beauty Healing Hand Balm is a lovely balm that gently moisturises sore and flaky hands, so that not only will they look smoother but will feel softer too. Healing Hand Balm can be a handy lifesaver throughout the day whenever you feel like your skin is getting dry and irritated.

How does it help?

Some chemotherapy drugs can cause the skin on your hands to become red, sore and peel away. Our divine Healing Hand Balm restores tired looking hands by intensely moisturising skin, and is packed with lots of beneficial ingredients.

Hydrating Cocoa Butter helps nourish and improve elasticity. While our hands come into contact with a lot of different surfaces each day, we added healing Calendula to soothe and protect your skin against free radical damage.

Healing Hand Balm’s nourishing formula is easily absorbed; great for when you are on the move and your hands need a little rejuvenation. Not only will your hands enjoy silky smoothness, you will be delighted by the gentle yet refreshing scent of spearmint and sweet orange. Our Healing Hand Balm will glide over any skin type and is especially suitable for sensitive skin and for those going through treatments for cancer. We even have a mini Healing Hand Balm so that you can keep your hands moisturised and soft while on the go. 

How to use it?

Healing Hand Balm can be used to moisturise your hands and nails. Simply, apply a warm pea sized amount in the hands and massage generously.

If the balm has hardened, you can use a warm spoon to scoop out the balm for application. If you feel like your hands are extremely dry and sore, we recommend that you apply a thick layer of balm to your hands and cover them with cotton gloves, for an intensive moisturising experience.

You can even use our Healing Hand Balm to keep your nails and cuticles moisturised by applying a small amount to these areas and leaving it to be absorbed. After a few moments, you can use a damp cotton wool pad to wipe away any excess balm and you will be left with super hydrated nails and cuticles.

When to use it?

Our hands can never get enough love and since they do the most for us, they deserve to be looked after. So, we would recommend using Healing Hand Balm as many times are you like, based on how you are going about your day. If you foresee a lot of spring cleaning for example, then you might want to keep the jar close by so that your hands do not become dried out after washing. In any case, if you apply too much, simply wipe away the excess before you handle anything like phones and laptops. Your hands can never really get too much hydration, so apply until your hands feel as soft as baby skin, if you wish.

What to use it with?

For a full ‘home manicure’ experience we would recommend using our Healing Hand Balm alongside our ‘Defiant Beauty Nail Oil’. And to complete the look why not try our Jennifer Young Natural Nail Varnish Collection, to add a little colour, and really bring your hands to life.

What do our customers say?

“I did not know about your products but found them when I booked an oncology facial and found you via a link, now I use hand balm which has helped with the dry skin around my hands and nails which had got really bad during my first 3 months of chemo. Thank you for such great products (my usual hand cream started to make hands very itchy).” - Yvonne Pye, 2016


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