Snow angels and sunshine

Ok, so you knew I wouldn’t make it to Roslin Beach Hotel last week. I am better now and I realise that I might need a bit more balance. I am not sure how to balance more – yoga three times a week, spinning and running – holidays aplenty…. I will work it out; balance will be mine.

Monday was my first day out of bed in almost two weeks so I have little to report. Somehow I have managed to agree some new FHT courses and, in super exciting news, I am meeting with a medical school to discuss infrequent lecturing to their student doctors. I am absolutely delighted to have the opportunity to teach newborn doctors about the impact of appearance related side-effects. I could go on…and on…..I am giddy.

In keeping with the general zen vibe, today is a quiet day at JY HQ – very few of us made it through the Staffordshire snow to work. My colleagues are sledging and making snow angels in the sunshine.

What was I saying about balance? Snow play here I come.

Sending angels

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