Skincare routine - Exfoliation

Did you think we had forgotten? How could anyone forget exfoliation? It is just as important as the other four steps, but more so, if beauty therapists are to be believed. Exfoliation is difficult for cancer patients and those going through treatment as the skin can become sore and flaking. Scrubs may irritate the skin and can hurt as they are applied. Harsh exfoliants and even gentle scrubs are inappropriate as the skin is so sensitive and reactive. A further concern (for us) is the level of preservative needed for scrubs. The exfoliant pieces within the scrub provide the ideal breeding ground for bugs and germs (as ever, we love technical terms).

We try to avoid preservatives at all costs, even when at low levels. Products containing exfoliant pieces and water-based products for use around the eye (creams and lotions) require higher levels of preservative. This means that you won’t see them in the Defiant Beauty Collections. The dry, flaking skin often experienced as a side-effect of treatment will benefit from exfoliation.

Here’s the dilemma, we need to remove the flaking skin as well as dead skin cells so that your lovely new skin can shine through – but we can’t do anything to further irritate your skin as you are already battling the unexpected side-effects of chemotherapy and treatment for cancer. This dilemma caused us a few sleepless nights – we needed a gentle exfoliation, no creams or lotions and no scrubs, hhhhmmmm, how about a gentle exfoliating sponge – eureka! Even better the Defiant Beauty Exfoliating Sponge can withstand boiling. Good hygiene in the use of make-up and skincare is important for all.

For cancer patients and those going through treatment, or for any other group that has compromised immunity, it is essential. It was vital for us to develop a sponge that could be boiled in order to keep it clean. All sponges, wipes, mitts have the same potential to harbour bugs (and slugs and puppy dog’s tails) as creams and lotions. Boiling can destroy anything that lurks unseen in the sponge. Now that we have solved the exfoliation for those going through treatment problem, let’s remind ourselves why exfoliation is such an important part of your skincare routine.

  1. Exfoliating, the removal of dead skin, and in the case of some cancer patients, keeps the skin soft and allows your new skin to shine through
  2. Pores are less likely to clog
  3. The skin’s natural renewal process will be quicker
  4. Skin tone can be more even, discoloration will be minimised
  5. your skin will be brighter and more youthful as we will all be able to see the bright new skin cells that have been hiding under those stubborn dry skin cells.
Even better the exfoliation sponge is excellent at evening out the Defiant Beauty Foundations. Apply the foundation after preparing the skin by following the steps in our recommended skincare routine. Next, wipe the face with the Defiant Beauty Exfoliating Sponge. The sponge will remove excess foundation and even our remaining powder, providing the perfect finish. If you have any specific questions about exfoliation, anti-aging or skincare routines, please follow Jennifer Young on Twitter @jenniferksin and tweet your questions.

By Jennifer Young

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