Sally's Pamper Night Routine

Sally is 13. She was diagnosed with Cancer (Ewings Sarcoma on her 7th rib) back in 2017, when she was sent to A&E after experiencing intense pain in her back. Since then she has started a YouTube channel, TikTok profile and Instagram account (@sallycancer), where she documents her journey. She has also appeared on BBC Breakfast, and written blogs for Beauty Despite Cancer where she talks about her experience with her hair and how she tackled it.

Recently, Sally has also given tips about how she unwinds in the evening, by vlogging her pamper night. We have listed the key information underneath the video which can be viewed below: 

To start off her pamper night, Sally runs a bath and lights a candle. She then adds a few drops of Throat Chakra Bath Oil. It helps to soften skin and rebalance the throat chakra. Sally remarks that this has definitely been working for her, as she has noticed many unbelievable changes in the appearance of her skin.

She soaks in the bath for around forty-five minutes before drying off and applying Defiant Beauty Shea Butter. After getting her pyjamas on and grabbing a cup of tea, Sally takes some time to relax. To do this, she uses Well Being Beauty Throat Balance Oil with crystals. After applying a few drops of oil on her pulse points, which smells 'so good', it is time to place the chakra stone in her hand and relax. Doing so is said to relieve stress, refresh the senses and provide communication, creativity and self expression. Sally says this is so good when you are going through treatment. 

After thirty minutes, the Defiant Beauty Nail Mask is applied with a cotton bud, to restore dry, brittle nails, which are often a side-effect of chemotherapy. It was only recently that Sally noticed her nails going brittle at the ends - she says that this mask has definitely helped. She leaves for several minutes, before massaging it into her nails and removing the excess. This leaves her nails feeling soft.

Sally's final ritual is applying Defiant Beauty Lip Balm before going to sleep.

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