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Hi, my name is Miran and I am the lab manager at Jennifer Young. This means that I am responsible for the whole manufacturing process of our specialist skincare for cancer patients products. From ordering our special ingredients to carefully measuring and mixing solutions, I am proud to say that I manage this process.

Before joining Jennifer Young, I was a student at Keele University. It was quite exciting starting in a new place with unique roles and responsibilities. With that being said, it was great being able to apply my university skills into my job and vice versa. If I am not out on adventures with my friends, then I am at home with a good book and a strong cup of tea. After a good day’s work, it’s great to relax and unwind. I’m also a big fan of gaming so I’ll normally spend some evenings on my PS4. The best part of my job is when I have finished making a batch of oil or balms and all that’s left is the final touches. It’s a satisfying point to get to as I can proudly hand them over to labelling and make a start on a new batch. It might be a little strange, but after putting care and effort into the making process, it’s a great feeling to know that I have reached the finish line. The greatest challenge that I’ve faced whilst working for JY is balancing my responsibilities at university and at work. Scheduling my time between my lectures was a bit tricky at first. As I progressed, through both university and at Jennifer Young, I was able to develop much stronger skills in multitasking, prioritisation and organisation. My favourite Jennifer Young product would have to be the Defiant Beauty Healing Hand Balm. Not only is it a great product to make, it’s also great to use. After a long day in the lab, I use it to treat my tired hands. For what animal I would be, I chose a horse. This is because they are loyal, friendly and hardworking, which are all traits that best describe me. Sending careful consideration Miran (the horse)

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