My Hands Are Human Again – No Pockets Needed

As if being diagnosed and treated for Womb Cancer wasn’t bad enough, Debra Parry, 53, discovered that her skin suffered enormously as a result.

Debra wasn’t prepared for the changes to her skin that would accompany the cancer and cancer treatment. 3 years after treatment, Debra was beginning to think that the ‘dry, scaly skin’ and the accelerated aging that many cancer patients and those being treated for cancer talk about, might be permanent. “Since my brush with womb cancer I've had a healthy respect for getting older and I live by the adage that age doesn't matter as long as I reach it. To me, each new birthday is a milestone on my journey away from cancer. The downside of having had my ovaries removed is that I feel I look every one of my fifty-three years and the impact the lack of oestrogen has had on my skin is very obvious to me. I should explain that, having had an oestrogen-fed cancer, I've not been allowed to take HRT or any form of natural alternative that may have an oestrogen-like effect, and this is in order to minimise any risk of possible recurrence. The skin on the back of my hands was so rough and dry that it was sticking up like scales, as well as beginning to split and bleed occasionally. My knuckles were red and enlarged and, in addition, the knuckles of my fingers were very rough, raised and thickened. I'd decided that pockets were the way forward, as even the most initially promising creams or lotions had no lasting effect. I'm pleased and grateful to say that, with daily use of Smooth Skin Balm, the backs of my hands are smooth and soft - no more scales, no more raised and thickened skin on my knuckles, my hands are vastly improved and human again! No pockets needed.” Like all of us, Debra wants to stay ‘young and beautiful’.

Many of the women who have had treatment for oestrogen related cancers, those that have suffered the stress of diagnosis and cancer treatment know that maintaining a youthful appearance can be challenging. Well, let’s face it, it’s hard enough without having gone through all of that! Who wouldn’t have tried the Defiant Beauty Smooth Skin Balm elsewhere after having experienced such transformation of the hands? “Having seen the miraculous change in my hands, which even my mother and daughter have commented on, I decided to also use the balm on my neck. The skin at the base of my throat was forming criss-cross lines but, once again, from the first application it was clear that Smooth Skin Balm was making a difference and the base of my throat now looks smooth again. Encouraged by two successes in a very short space of time, I decided to try using the balm on my face morning and evening. I got home from work one day soon after and my daughter, quite startled, asked whether I was using the balm on my face because it looked smoother. Need I say more? My forehead is smoother, my crows feet have reduced, and my skin feels firmer. At 53 I obviously still have wrinkles, but the quality of my skin has definitely improved and that's something I thought I could never regain after my ovaries were removed almost three years ago due to womb cancer. My next experiment will be my elbows - I have my Grandmother's, except she was in her 80s when hers looked like mine! I highly recommend Defiant Beauty Smooth Skin Balm and am so grateful to Jennifer Young for this lovely product that truly works. It's my morning and evening treat!”

by Debra Parry

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