Leah tries the Defiant Beauty Luxury Face Collection

Leah is a 34 year old mum, blogger and YouTuber from Liverpool. You may remember her from her previous blog about wearing the cold cap during chemotherapy. Leah was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 32 but has recently received the wonderful news that she is cured!

A few months ago, she tried out the Defiant Beauty Luxury Face Collection, a set of 5 luxurious face masks, balms and oils to help skin affected by cancer treatment.

See Leah's review and opinions in the video below. All key information from Leah and products mentioned, are listed and linked underneath: 



"I've only been using them a couple of days but my skin feels so much better already, and so soothed. I feel like when you're using them you can just tell that they haven't got any harsh products in, or any chemicals. You can tell how nice they are when you apply them onto the skin" Leah says.

She states that this skincare is good for anybody who's going through or been through chemotherapy, who doesn't want to use harsh products on their skin. They are "amazing" for people who's skin has suffered as a side-effect of cancer treatment.


The products used in the video are listed and linked below, with Leah's review:

Defiant Beauty Cleanse and Moisturise

Ingredients include nourishing mango and shea butter. Leah applies this onto her skin and wipes away with cotton pads. She says she can feel it instantly soaking into her skin, leaving it feeling soft.

Defiant Beauty Soothing Skin Oil

This can be applied to the dry or itchy skin, or the scalp. Even though Leah's hair is so thick, when the oil reaches her scalp it feels "so so soothed". She thinks thinks this may be her favourite product.

Defiant Beauty Serum and Intensive Serum

With anti-ageing properties, the Serum contains balancing jojoba oil and macadamia. Leah uses the Intensive Serum for any dry patches. She uses the Serum in the morning and the Intensive Serum in the evening. The Intensive Serum contains organic apricot and peach kernel oil to rejuvenate delicate skin

Defiant Beauty Lip Balm

Leah describes this as a "super super super nourishing lip balm" which is "just gorgeous". It soothes and restores dry, chapped lips.

Defiant Beauty Nail Oil

"I have been loving my nails now. They've started to grow really healthily". Before receiving the nail oil, she had noticed dry parts, but she found that the nail oil really nourished them, and she could feel the oils soaking into them. 

Defiant Beauty Cool and Refresh

This product is organic floral waters with therapeutic properties. "It makes your face feel so refreshed".


Leah can be reached on instagram as @blessedwithcancer. See some of her posts below: 

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