Keeping Your Spirits Uplifted during Lockdown: The Spring Sunshine Collection

Earlier this month we hosted a social media wide competition on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. We asked you to comment what you’ve been doing to keep your spirits uplifted during lockdown for a chance to win our Spring Sunshine Collection, fragranced with the bright, floral citrus aroma of Lemon and Lavender essential oils to improve energy levels and beat feelings of tiredness.

To spread happiness further in these difficult times, we have compiled your comments below: - I have been keeping my little family safe and entertaining them with lots of baking, silliness and trying to home school at my best ability - Making sure I keep talking to my buddies - Going for walks with my dog - I’ve been keeping a sense of purpose by teaching my pupils from afar via my YouTube channel - I have been baking to help keep myself sane whilst shielding - Spending more time outside, enjoying sunshine and long walks observing nature certainly lifts spirits! - To keep the crazies at bay I’ve been running. But feel dreadfully lazy when others are working so hard - Longboarding - Walking the dogs - Keeping active on runs and bike rides - Trying to look after myself with selfcare and having “me time” - Routine! Some days are such a challenge with shielding. The love of friends and video chats is the true sunshine and tonic - I’ve been doing loads of baking - Lots of selfcare - I’ve created happy boxes to send to people to raise their spirits - A weekly home facial has kept me feeling pampered & relaxed during both lockdown & treatment appointments - Dancing like no ones watching - I have surrounded myself with love.

Diagnosis and Covid has been tough, but my utterly incredible friends have been there every step of the way (in the Covid, Facetime sense!) - Drinking coffee - Spending time outdoors. So thankful for my garden. - Spending lots of lovely, non-rushed time with my children - I’ve been helping others online or over the phone with help and advice regarding exercise before, during and after cancer treatment - Spending more time on selfcare during lockdown - I went to the US for 3 months to spend time with my family because I couldn’t go see them last year due to cancer - I’ve done lots of charity work to support cancer patients to stay positive during Covid 19 - I’ve been regaining my fitness - Giving myself time to relax without feeling guilty - Singing in the kitchen - One thing that has kept my spirits lifted during lockdown (apart from my beloved cat) has been learning! From Cancer Awareness with The Jennifer Young Training School, to Barbicade accreditation, to making and applying hot herbal compresses. Keeping my mind bubbling has help offset the less productive days - Trying to keep spirits lifted by throwing the windows open & listening to the birds chirping away - Have managed to keep my spirits up during lockdown by travelling on 2 wheels or 2 feet everyday Thank you to everyone for their wonderful ideas. There is no single correct way to be dealing with this situation, but we hope that reading and trying out each other’s suggestions spreads happiness and positivity. To see those that came up with these fabulous comments, the social media posts have been included below:

Win the Spring Sunshine Collection

To Enter: - Like this Post - Follow our Twitter Page - Tag 3 friends and comment one thing you have been doing during lockdown to keep your spirits lifted We will compile all of your comments into a blog post to spread happiness this summer. — Jennifer Young (@JenniferSkin) June 18, 2020

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