I wanted to let you know that you have changed my life

I cannot overemphasize how much finding Defiant Beauty has meant to me.

Kay had no inkling of the challenge she was about to face until a routine mammogram in September 2012.

Doctors carried out a biopsy after finding a small abnormality beneath her right breast. Kay was told that it was unlikely to be malignant but within days she received the devastating call. A lumpectomy and another procedure to ensure no rogue cells remained followed so on after.

She then had 20 sessions of radiotherapy. Kay was supported by friends for each of the appointments and used them as an excuse for a catch up. By Christmas 2012, treatment was over and the road to recovery had begun.

Kay sometimes felt so tired she could barely get out of bed or found herself bursting into tears. ‘Those moments became part of me and now I make a point of embracing them by having a bath with lovely oils and relaxing.’

Kay called us in April to tell us of some of the lasting effects of the radiation treatment and its impact on the rest of her life. “I finished my radiotherapy treatment for breast cancer at the end of December and one of the things I was left with was very itchy skin in the whole area that had received the treatment. The breast and surrounding skin were so sore. Apart from being a constant irritant it meant I had difficulty sleeping as I would wake myself up scratching in the night and therefore making it worse and not able to get back to sleep. But the big thing was my struggle to find a bra. I was advised to only wear cotton next to my skin so set off on my odyssey to find a comfortable bra.

Unfortunately, it was really difficult as very few are 100% cotton and as soon as I put them on, I got a bad reaction and my skin flared up and became even more itchy. I think in total over the last few months I probably bought about 20 bras, mostly on the internet, which meant I was spending a lot of time (and money) at the post office returning them. It hasn't been such a problem while the weather has been bad, and I have been housebound. And also, being winter I've been able to get away with cotton vests under baggy jumpers. However, I was getting worried about what would happen when the weather warmed up and I would want to go out in thinner tops - especially as I play golf and certainly wouldn't do that without a bra. When I came across your website I thought it was worth trying the Itchy Skin Oil so sent for the small bottle. I couldn't believe how well and quickly it worked.

Within two days I was able to wear my nice bras (which I hadn't seen since last September!) without any itching whatsoever. Initially I tried this for just a couple of hours a day but within a week I was able to wear them full time. This has been life changing for me and a huge boost to, not only my confidence, but also my enthusiasm for getting out and about in public again. I cannot over emphasise how much finding your Itchy Skin Oil has meant to me. I can honestly say that now I am itch free over 90% of the time - and when it does come back it's because I've forgotten to put the oil on. Which reinforces the fact that it's working. So, thank you once again. I hope you understand just how much you are helping people through a very challenging experience.”

By Kay

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