How using Jennifer Young skincare helped me during breast cancer treatment and beyond

After being diagnosed with breast cancer when she was 37, Linda experienced surgery, chemotherapy and radiation. During that time a friend sent her a selection of Jennifer Young skincare products. Here she talks about why she loved them.

Tell us about your diagnosis, journey and treatment?

One day in October 2021 I suddenly developed a headache and in a split second I had a temperature. I don't tend to get sick so I thought I needed to rest and go to bed, which I did but it persisted so I went to the hospital the next day. At that time I had also started to feel pain and heat in my left breast. 

In Nigeria they always check for Malaria first, I ran some tests which confirmed I had malaria and my doctor gave me medication. I mentioned the pain in my breast, but she couldn’t feel a lump so she told me to keep an eye on it.

After I had completed my medication for malaria two weeks later  I was still feeling weak, tired and sick. I went back to the hospital but at that time I had begun to notice bloody nipple discharge. Again, the doctor said there was no lump and at 37 I didn’t qualify for a mammogram. She recommended an ultrasound, which showed a suspicious lesion and a biopsy later showed the lump was malignant. 

That led to lots of other tests before treatment started. My oncologist recommended a neoadjuvant chemotherapy treatment.I had four sessions of chemotherapy, a single mastectomy, another four chemo sessions and then 15 sessions of radiotherapy. My treatment finished in August 2022.

Well Being Beauty Body Oil - Vitality | £25

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How did you find cancer treatment affected your skin?

I lost my hair, then my skin became very dry and dark then pale. My nails became dark and discoloured too.. 

Which Jennifer Young skincare products did you try?

I received Jennifer’s products towards the end of my treatment from my cousin who lives in the UK. The gift package included the Defiant Beauty Scar Oil, Moisturising Sunscreen SPF50, Defiant Beauty Lip Balm, the Defiant Beauty Hydrating Facial Mist and the Defiant Beauty Mild Mint Foot Balm.


Defiant Beauty Lip Balm | £5

Moisturises and heals dry, sore, chapped lips


What did you like about the skincare products?

I liked the lip balm especially because it leaves your lips soft and fresh. The Defiant Beauty Hydrating Facial Mist really helped with dryness and I feel relief every time I use it. I use the Defiant Beauty Scar Oil particularly on a chemo burn on my arm, which I got through the intravenous drip, and the scar is fading well. I use the sunscreen regularly and I like that it doesn’t make me sweat/clog my pores -  I will continue to do so as I am anxious to protect my skin from the sun. Since having cancer I have been very concerned about what I put on my skin and any carcinogenic properties they may have, so I love that the Jennifer Young products are natural and gentle. I also love the smell - it's very soothing.


Defiant Beauty Hydrating Facial Mist | £20

Hydration during chemo or radiotherapy or those with sensitive skin


How long did the skincare products take to help with the side effects of cancer treatment?

The lip balm and facial mist made a difference immediately. The scar is still there but I can see it's fading - it was a very dark, deep burn and that's getting better. I want to start applying it to my mastectomy scar too but I have been waiting for the skin to heal over a bit more.

Did you have a favourite skincare product and why?

The Defiant Beauty Hydrating Facial Mist because of the way it makes me feel! I like the lip balm too! To be honest, I like them all.


Defiant Beauty Mild Mint Foot Balm | £20

Gently moisturises sore and cracked heels



Do you think you will continue to use Jennifer Young skincare and why?

Yes! I am using it already and will carry on using them. 



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