Skincare after cancer treatment

In the work that we do there's a big emphasis on skincare during cancer treatment - addressing the side effects of cancer treatment on the skin, hair and nails, as well as the emotional consequences of a cancer diagnosis.

However, we also get asked about skin care once cancer treatment ends. Does everything just go back to the way it was before? For many people it takes time for skin and nails to heal, and there's an understandable nervousness about what we continue to use on our skin.

While some people choose to continue using all the same products they used during cancer treatment, having come to love and trust them, there's also an understandable feeling of wanting to move on from anything associated with that time. We addressed this with our Beyond Beauty skincare collection. Here's what you need to know...

Beyond Beauty for treatment after cancer treatment

The Beyond Beauty skincare collection is specially designed for skincare once cancer treatment has finished. It continues with all the key benefits of the Defiant Beauty skincare line, for use during active cancer treatment, in that it's all natural, extremely gentle and addresses key areas of concern.

However, it also contains additional luxury ingredients including some of our favourite essential oils chosen for their therapeutic benefits. For example, aromatherapy oils in the Night Collection have been chosen for their relaxing properties.

Much like its counterpart, the Beyond Beauty collection focuses on being enjoyable to use and effective in achieving results. In particular, it seeks to help the skin to repair after surgery or cancer treatment, support nail growth and to restore your natural youthfulness and glow, containing potent, natural anti-ageing ingredients to address premature ageing caused by cancer treatment.

Favourite skincare products after cancer treatment

Amongst our best-selling skincare products to help restore skin and nurture mind and body after cancer treatment are the following products. They make excellent gifts for others, but they're also the perfect way to take care of yourself.

Beyond Beauty Night Mask

A nourishing face mask and cleanser

Gently removing make-up, refreshing the skin and moisturising at the same time, the Beyond Beauty Night Mask is a multi-purpose product for dry skin. Enriched with mango and shea butters as well as apricot kernel and calendula, it calms and moisturises the skin, while essential oils frankincense, geranium, lavender, benzoin and ylang ylang add a reassuringly sedative fragrance to ensure a restful and revitalising sleep.

Beyond Beauty Frankincense Facial

A hydrating toner

The Beyond Beauty Frankincense Facial gently tones the skin, restoring youthfulness while soothing and hydrating. It is delicately fragranced with anti-aging frankincense, has no chemicals and is ideal as part of a daily skincare routine.

Beyond Beauty Night Treatment

An anti-ageing luxury serum

The Beyond Beauty Night Treatment is a rich serum designed to be used before bed. It restores, balances and renews the skin using a delicious combination of nourishing calendula coupled with indulgent frankincense, ylang ylang and lavender to relax and promote sleep.

Beyond Beauty Morning Treatment

A nourishing morning serum

In addition to the night treatment, the Beyond Beauty Morning Treatment helps to revive skin aged by chemo and radiotherapy. A lovely way to start the day, it contains indulgent frankincense, ylang ylang, patchouli and sandalwood as well as vitamin E and St John’s Wort.

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