Diane: We all should have a self-care tool box #BCAMANDME

"When we are going through treatment, learning about self-care as well is vital"



Having a tool kit of self care favourites is so useful to make the most of the time you have to relax.

Self care can mean so many things to different people.Whether it is cooking a hearty meal or baking some cupcakes. Going for a walk or a 5k run. Taking a long soak in a bath with all the trimmings or simply adding an extra step to your everyday skincare routine.

Whatever makes you feel a little bit more like you, despite the craziness of everyday life. 

What is your favourite tool in your self-care tool kit? 


Diane also reminds us of the importance of checking our boobs.


Knowing your normal can only be achieved by checking your boobs regularly, all year round, not just in October. Speaking to someone, particularly you GP is just as important if you notice anything unusual.



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