Best gifts for him during cancer treatment

From chemotherapy to radiotherapy, surgery and all the bits in between, cancer treatment has side effects that affect the skin, hair, nails, mental health and emotional wellbeing. While the 'modern' man is stereotypically more adroit when it comes to skincare, addressing skincare needs whilst taking pleasure in the products you're using isn't always an easy balance to create.

However, having those little moments of self-care can be game changing to how you feel each day. Whether there's a man in your life who's got a hospital stay coming up, who's mid chemo, or recovering post cancer-treatment, here are our top recommended gifts for men during cancer treatment.


Supporting him through cancer treatment

Men's Chemo Care Hero Collection


For men going through chemotherapy

Designed specifically for those going through chemotherapy, the Men's Chemo Care Hero Collection contains three key skincare products to soothe the side effects of chemo on the skin, as well as a dark chocolate mint crunch to help to combat the nausea experienced by 75% of cancer patients. Our Defiant Beauty Hero Balm is a natural balm formulated to be used multiple times a day to help reduce chapped lips. Our Defiant Beauty Itchy Skin Oil is a best-seller used to address the chronic itching that's common with chemo, and our Defiant Beauty Hero Balm is a multi-tasking product that can help with dry skin and brittle nails, used as a balm or a mask. 

For men's skincare
Defiant Beauty - Men Basics


The perfect skincare basics

Some people want to keep skincare simple, especially if they're not feeling up to daily routines. The three items in this gift set are designed for the no-frills man, or someone who wants to dip their proverbial toe into the world of skincare. Addressing some of the most commonly cited skincare concerns during cancer treatment, it includes our Defiant Beauty Itchy Skin Oil, our Defiant Beauty Hero Balm and our popular Defiant Beauty Nail Oil to strengthen nails weakened by chemotherapy.


For the man that deserves it all
(Nearly) Everything a man could need


For a luxurious gift

For a really special gift, this set offers a complete skincare routine that soothes the side effects of cancer treatment, treats brittle nails, cools and hydrates the skin, and helps skin to recover after treatment has finished. Together they also offer nurturing routines that are easily applied whenever and wherever you are. In addition to the Itchy Skin Oil and lip balm, it contains our Defiant Beauty Smooth Skin Balm, which helps to reduce scarring and rejuvenate the skin; our Defiant Beauty Nail Oil to restore weakened nails; and our Defiant Beauty Frankincense Facial Mist, which offers natural hydration, rejuvenation and has anti-aging properties.  

Soothing skincare during cancer treatment
Defiant Beauty - Men Body


A body care gift set for men

While much of skincare focus tends to be on the face, cancer treatment doesn't discriminate in that regard - it affects the whole body. This gift set focuses on body care for men, including three of our hero products to help him feel cared for and supported. It features our Defiant Beauty Itchy Skin Oil, Defiant Beauty Nail Oil, and our Defiant Beauty Smooth Skin Balm. Together they work to treat itchy skin, rejuvenate the skin and minimise scarring.

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