Best gifts for anyone having surgery

Surgery is often part of cancer treatment, bringing with it a number of emotions and side effects that aren't always easy to handle - anxiety, sleeplessness, scarring and generally feeling a bit uncomfortable, for example.

As loved ones, we might not be able to take away the challenges of surgery itself, but we can do things to help make the process of going to hospital and recovering from surgery a little easier and a little more enjoyable.

In this article we wanted to introduce you to some of the products designed to support cancer patients through surgery and the best gifts to help care for the people we care about.

Skincare for scarring

Perhaps the most obvious side effect of surgery is scarring. Even cancer patients who have not had surgery may find that they have scars from things like canulars, picc lines or radiotherapy. Whether you want to reduce the appearance of scarring or help nourish the skin and help give it back a little of its elasticity, our Defiant Beauty Scar Oil can help.

The natural oil is formulated using rejuvenating ingredients such as calendar oil, St John's Wort, Vitamin E and coconut oil along with essential oils such as sandalwood, mandarin and neroli.

Defiant Beauty Scar Oil


Aromatherapy for anxiety

A lot of time is spent paying attention to the physical impact of cancer and cancer treatment, but from diagnosis to treatment and beyond, there is a mental impact as well. It's understandable that the prospect of surgery and all other things related to cancer can be anxiety making. Aromatherapy can go a small way towards helping relax the mind and body.

Out Well-Being Beauty Serenity Diffuser harnesses the subtle power of frankincense and mandarin, known for their calming properties and blended to bring a sense of peace when you get home.

Therapeutic Diffuser


A cooling spray when you’re feeling groggy

Hospital environments tend to be quite hot and sticky, but post surgery it isn't always easy (and you're not necessarily in the mood) to shower all the time.

A quick spritz can help you feel a little more human again. Our Defiant Beauty Cool & Refresh spray is a favourite and can be used on the body, face and scalp. It's also great for hot flushes.


Hospital Visits Breast Cancer Care Package



Puffy feet post surgery

Swelling is normal after surgery. As the body begins healing itself and the body goes through a bit of an inflammatory phase. In addition, when you're feeling stressed it's incredible the impact that nurturing your feet can have.

The Well Being Beauty Foot Soak comes in a variety of options to meet different needs, from vitality boosting to serenity, confidence and mental clarity. A favourite is the Serenity Foot Soak, which was formulated to promote peace and inner harmony. The Serenity Luxury Foot Soak contains rose petals to make this a truly indulgent experience.

Well Being Beauty Foot Soak



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