Being in the moment: New Year when you have cancer

Any special occasion can be filled with mixed emotions when you or a loved one has cancer, but especially Christmas and New Year, which is an intense period of celebration. However, this is the time of year known for its glad tidings, and if we can dispense with the 'what ifs', soothe the side effects of cancer treatment and be in the moment, it's possible to experience at least some of the comfort and joy. In this article we look at the wellness tools that we find help you feel your best over New Year, easing nausea, tiredness and anxiety and helping you to be in the moment.


Relax and calm the mind
Defiant Beauty Relaxing Pillow Spray


Mindfulness and meditation

Practicing mindfulness and meditation is a gentle way to calm your mind, reduce stress, and sharpen your ability to focus. Lots of cancer patients find it extremely helpful, especially during intense periods of activity. The beauty is that you can practice it whenever and wherever you want, helping you to focus on this minute and this minute alone rather than letting your mind run away with itself.

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Bring balance to your home
Therapeutic Diffuser


Aromatherapy at home

Having beautiful scents in the form of diffusers around the home is always nice. However, seeking out those that help to ease anxiety or provide emotional support using aromatherapy (and that don't trigger additional feelings of nausea due to enhanced scent sensitivity), is a gentle way to support wellbeing for cancer patients over Christmas and New Year.


Roll it on and breathe deeply
Roll On Aromatherapy


Daily comfort

From nausea to hot flushes caused by cancer treatment, feeling comfortable is an essential part of being able to focus on being in the moment. Little things can go a long way to bringing that sense of comfort. That might be nail varnishes designed to be gentle on brittle nails so you’re not self conscious about their appearance, a cooling spritz in your bag for whenever you need it, or roll on aromatherapy to ease nausea and boost energy levels.


Reduces feelings of tiredness
Well Being Beauty Spring Sunshine Body Oil 


Tiredness and energy levels

Most of us can be pretty irritable when we’re tired and stressed out. Those feelings are amplified by the strain of a cancer diagnosis, the uncertainty it brings, and the tiredness that can be caused by cancer treatment or cancer itself. You might also be in pain, which will naturally exacerbate irritability. Again, aromatherapy and self-care can really make a difference to how you feel. Make sure you spend a little time conserving energy - try not to overdo it, but also treat yourself with purposeful wellbeing. Bring a little lemon and lavender into your day, found in our energy lifting Well Being Beauty Spring Sunshine Body Oil, and it will help to soothe the mind and reduce feelings of tiredness. 


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