Radiation Damaged Skin | Jennifer Young

Radiation Damaged Skin

Radiotherapy, also known as radiation treatment, is the controlled use of high energy X-rays to treat many different types of cancer. About 4 ou...

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Wig Fitting | Jennifer Young

Wig Fitting

We have many years experience fitting wigs at our positive appearance centres in Dublin; Here are my top tips! People often just plonk thei...

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Eyelashes | Jennifer Young


If you have lost your eyelashes as a side-effect of chemotherapy, try using some of our wonderful mineral eyeliners to re-create a hint of eyelash...

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Your Skincare Routine | Jennifer Young

Your Skincare Routine

How to help your skin as you go through treatment for cancer. Skincare for Cancer Patients There is a lot of talk about skincare routines, and w...

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Skincare advice | Jennifer Young

Skincare advice

We know that this a time when you want to do the best thing for your health and that you do not want to interfere with your treatment. If you have...

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My Valentine? The NHS | Jennifer Young

My Valentine? The NHS

12 months ago today my daughter was discharged from hospital after emergency surgery. I wrote a newsletter on the 'big day' last year. I think Val...

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