Hi, my name is Pia and I work in the lab. My time at work is mostly spent measuring temperatures, mixing oils, and pouring blends into bottles and jars. I am the one responsible for the all the fragrance wafting down the corridor and into the office.

My life outside the lab consists of studying biology, French and chemistry. I also enjoy socialising with my friends and going jogging with my dog. My job at Beauty Despite Cancer is my first.

The thing I enjoy most about my role is the sense of purpose and fulfilment I gain from it. I know that I am making a difference when I put on my lab coat and sign in at the weekend. I am not creating a standard skincare product – I am creating something that helps those affected by cancer to experience luxury and feel pampered. It is also very manageable alongside my study. This element of the job is essential for me.

Although I have learnt a lot in the six months I have worked here, there isn’t anything I would say I find too challenging. A lot of the issues that arise we are able to resolve fairly quickly (shout out to our ‘Chief Lab and Labelling Officer’ Miran). We work together to update standard operating procedures where necessary, and work through particularly difficult orders sent through from the office.

A collection I use daily is the Defiant Beauty Face Collection. I find that these products are all I need keep my skin well-nourished. The serum and lip balm in particular keep my skin and lips healthy and smooth when I go running with my dog, regardless of the weather.

When asked in my interview what animal I would be, I didn’t really interpret it as what animal I am in the workplace, rather what animal I would like to be. I said an octopus because that is the animal which can do the most things: they have eight tentacles, can squeeze through small spaces and can change shape and colour. They can also open jars which is kind of important for lab work – it would just be pretty cool.

Pia  (all arms and legs)

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