Hi, my name is Nikki and I am the Jennifer Young Training School Manager. This means I manage the organisation of our oncology courses at the training school essentially, and ensure things run smoothly for the training days to come. Helping therapists and spas to attend our courses has become my forte.

Before joining the JY team, I was finishing up my undergraduate degree in Human Resources and International Relations (exciting, I know). As the last few hurdles of handing in my dissertation came to an end, I had the opportunity to begin my new role as the Training School Manager in a fun and exciting new job (as well as a achieving a 2:1 in my studies).

I was working part-time in a retail job where occasionally the tasks at hand became tedious. Since joining the Jennifer Young team, each day brings new challenges and alongside, a fantastic and funny bunch of colleagues.

Although each day is never the same, my favourite part of the job is when the day is in full swing, and my to-do list is at an all-time high. Nothing is more satisfying than being able to achieve each goal and cross it off the list.

The best thing about being the training school manager, is that I am able to have full responsibility over any training school projects and helping our tutors plan their courses. I spend a lot of the time on the phone answering people’s queries about our upcoming courses and what they entail. However, this is also a weakness of mine. Before joining the team, the idea of talking on the phone was not the most appealing thing. But over these past few months, my confidence has boosted, and it feels rewarding knowing I am able to answer someone’s query.

The products at Jennifer Young have become my current intrigue. Each day I’m learning something new about each product and they all smell so lovely. My favourite product definitely has to be the Defiant Beauty Healing Hand Balm. A perfect travel size miniature lasts a long time and goes a long way (with suuuper soft hands).

So before I joined Jennifer Young, I was asked a question which I had never really been asked: ‘if you were an animal, what would you be?’ Now usually I would say a llama (a slight obsession), but if I were an animal, I would definitely be a dolphin; friendly, happy and smiley (yet slowly working on the good communication part!)

Sending good comms
Nikki (the llama)

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