Hi, my name is Marie and I am a Jennifer Young Tutor.

My role is to teach various oncology therapy courses and skincare. This tends to be within spas or hotels set within beautiful locations or sometimes I will have a group of individuals all from different beauty therapy scenarios. I meet some wonderful therapists who wish to make a difference and value the importance of being able to treat and pamper clients who have had or going through cancer, and I teach them the skills and knowledge to be confident with their treatments.

When I’m not working at JY, I have another teaching role within apprenticeships. I have some students studying beauty therapy whilst working in a salon environment. I enjoy the variety of skills required for this role. I also have time to enjoy reading, being outside within nature and the odd Netflix binge!

My favourite part of the job is seeing the therapist’s journey from start to finish when delivering a course. It’s the apprehension at the beginning, to the excitement when they have passed the course and can’t wait to get started. Its such a great feeling and leaves me smiling all the way home.

Challenges…really only small ones and easily overcome, i was teaching a course and it was assessment day,  there was 2 therapists and we had 6 models! (eek)….. timing was everything, we coped well, they were fabulous therapists and i stepped in. Team work ensured all the models had a lovely treatment.

My favourite JY product is the Beyond Beauty Night Serum… it smells amazing, feels light when massaging into the face, the anti ageing ingredients work their magic on my lines and it helps me to drift off to sleep!

If I could choose to be an animal I would say a bird, to soar up high and go far and wide. However, I think I’m more feline…. likes to relax, sleep and get lots of head massages!

Sending relaxing purrs…


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