Hey, my name is Cameron and I am a dispatcher which means I package and dispatch our products to our customers and spas around the UK and overseas.

I joined the company around 2 and a half years ago and have worked part time between studies ever since. I am currently studying Maths and Physics at Loughborough University. As, you can probably tell by the quality of this introduction I work better with numbers and equations then writing full paragraphs. I have just finished my first year and only have another 4 to go, so wish me luck. However, I do really enjoy it. There is nothing quite like sitting in a lecture titled “Time Dilation within Space-Time” to make you feel like you are in a sci-fi film. When I’m not either working or buried in physics textbooks I am a member of my university archery team, where I participate in competitions winning medals and representing my team.

My favourite part of the job is my fellow employees. Working in an office full of such kind and thoughtful people helps create a positive environment which makes working a lot easier even though the stressful times. The greatest challenge I have faced while working here was probably my first week. This was my first ever job and everything was completely new to me; working in an office; learning how to man the phone; learning how to run a website. It was all a bit intimidating at first, but everyone helped me through and now I’m confident doing all of it. They have provided me with skills that will help me through the rest of my life. However, the first ever payday wasn’t too much of a challenge, I managed to get through that by spending most of it on Lego. I’m just a big kid really, and I don’t plan on changing anytime soon.

When I first came to the office for my interview everything was as you would expect, I answered the questions, talked about why I wanted to work there. But out of nowhere I was asked the question “What animal would you be”. To be honest I hadn’t prepared for this question. I then quickly thought about it and said “Wolf, because they work in packs and look out for each other”. It sounds like an answer you find on an online personality quiz, but I got the job so it must have been an ok answer.
To finish, I really enjoy working here, everyone is friendly and supportive, and the company is for a good cause that is very close to my heart. You can’t get a better combination then that.

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Cameron (the wolf)

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