Hi everyone, I’m Beth. I am a jack of all trades in the Jennifer Young office. I work with Nikki in running the Jennifer Young Training School; I help Paige out with many office duties (although I leave all of the numbers and spreadsheets to her); and I also write blogs, answer enquiries and process orders. It’s a busy life for me over here in the JY office. If you ring the office 90% of the time it will be me who you speak to.

Before starting at JY, I had just finished my Masters degree in Journalism and I was working in a retail job, trying to make ends meet while I searched for a “career” job. Having a passion for writing, and a personal passion for skincare and makeup, when the opportunity to work for Jennifer Young Beauty Despite Cancer came up, how could I resist? A specialist skincare company that has products and content that is really doing some good in this world, and is helping people though the toughest times of their lives – a company after my own heart.

From my first meeting with Nikki and Aklima, I could tell what an incredible company JY was (and that was before I even met the woman herself.) They cared more deeply about their products, their customers, and their staff than another company I had ever come across. I realised this in the first 10 minutes of being in the building, and I can confirm that this is still 100% accurate.

Being asked in my interview about what animal I would be only reaffirmed my initial observations of what a great working environment this was going to be. I look forward to coming to work every day and working with this great bunch of people – even when we are bickering about which Spotify playlist to put on in the office (90s/2000s cheesy hits if I get my own way). Oh, and if you were wondering what kind of animal I would be, I’m definitely a sea turtle. I’m fascinated by the ocean and turtles are clever, calming and graceful, and if I wasn’t so clumsy I would fit right in.

In my free time, you can find me with a classic novel (Gatsby anyone?), binge watching an American detective series, or badly singing my heart out to my favourite musicals. My favourite JY product? I love the Defiant Beauty Lip Balm. They are in every handbag, jacket pocket, and given out to all of my friends. Also, I use the Defiant Beauty Cleanse and Moisturise to wash my face at night – I have such soft skin afterwards.

Anyway, I’ll probably speak to you on the phone.

Sending waves,

Beth (the sea turtle)

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