My name is Anna and I practice complementary, holistic and beauty therapies. I am part of the training team for Jennifer Young oncology touch therapies this means I provide wide range of treatments for those who seeking vitality, relaxation and beauty. I hold an Honours Degree in Complementary therapies which expanded my passion for well-being. I teach therapists how to deliver beauty and holistic touch therapies for those who are going through treatment for cancer or been affected by cancer during their lifetime, this is what makes us different to other touch therapies!

I used to work in spa’s and salons across the UK and have had opportunities to offer my skills in Harrods and Selfridges as a beauty therapist. I had a practice in a private D-tox clinic on Harley Street in London offering wide range of therapies as MLD (manual lymphatic drainage) and non-surgical skin lift and tightening with innovative radiofrequency as well as offering Jennifer Young touch therapies those who had been affected by cancer. I see the benefit of JY touch therapies every day, especially since they give an opportunity for those that get turned away from spas and salons (which can be a terrible experience).

I love interacting with fellow therapists, sharing knowledge and experiences with them.  The greatest challenge that I have to overcome as a tutor is to recognise that everyone is learning in different phase which exercises patience. At Jennifer Young training schools we are all about inclusivity and this extends to our trainees, so we offer a lot of help and guidance to those joining our wider team.

I love all JY products as each one of them are unique in their own properties and serve a purpose. It would not be easy to select few. It looks so simple but yet so incredibly effective and inspirational for many around the world. As I have combination skin I love the Beyond Beauty night mask. It is simply gorgeous. Carefully selected essential oils make this product irresistible for me and for many other people, I’m sure! I am a huge fan of the Defiant Beauty Nail Oil as it can be used daily for hands and nails and also Defiant Beauty Lip Balm…. Magic. Simply essential.

I love working with Jennifer Young & Beauty Despite Cancer and am privileged to be part of a great change in the beauty industry. Jennifer Young is working to close the gap between skincare products (and much more) and providing for those who have experienced or are receiving cancer treatment, and we are well on the way to achieving this!



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