Hi, My name is Amanda and I am a Jennifer Young Tutor/Trainer. this means I work alongside therapists in training suites or spas to teach them all about our wonderful therapies to use for those living with or beyond cancer. I teach Massage, Facials, Reflexology and am training to teach even more subjects soon!

When I’m not working with JY, I have my own therapy rooms where I love to help others feel at their best when they come to see me. I also work in a cancer unit offering relaxing treatments and I truly love what I do. My favourite part of the job is getting to meet new people; therapists, tutors, spa managers and clients. I get to learn so much every day about people’s lives and help make a positive impact on their day too.


What is the greatest challenge you have faced whilst working for us? This is a tricky one…I guess really the hard part is when you get close to a client and unfortunately they lose their battle. It can be hard to hear the bad news but I know that I was able to help bring them some peace near the end of their journey. Plus working with a team who has faced this in their work or personal lives and can offer support is so important and helps you see how valuable your role is to others.


What is your favourite JY product and why? I am discovering a new favourite each time I teach and use the products but I have to say the Cool & Refresh spray is a definite go to for me. I use it for myself, for my clients, for the room when they are about to walk in and to awaken their senses after zoning out during treatment.

They love it and so do I! Refreshing, smells amazing and yet so simple.

If I was an animal I’d have to be a Panda!! Why?! Well a lot of my friends and family call me Amanda Panda…so it has to be! Plus I’m lovely and cute ha ha! The Panda symbolises Peace and Gentle Strength and I like to think that sums me up too. Plus on a downtime day I like to eat and sleep….hmm sounds rather too realistic! 🙂

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