My name is Aklima and I work on the digital marketing side of the company, which means I am often found sitting behind a screen trying to think of the best ways to get our products to you!

Before joining the team here at Jennifer Young (JY), I was a busy final year student studying English and Education at university. I really did enjoy the summer break after completing my degree (who wouldn’t), but as the weeks passed, I felt ready for the next steps. Once my application to JY had been sent in, I was surprised mostly not by the fact that I had received a call back, but by the fact that I was asked to bring in a mascot to my first interview. Of course, my first choice of mascot was my little pink bobble-head flamingo, because I felt like she represented my adventure seeking spirit perfectly, with her Hawaiian banana leaf skirt and floral necklace. But if you were to ask me what my spirit animal is, I would say a house cat, because I like to relax, sleep, be curious about random things and most of all I like being well-fed.

I wanted my next chapter to be filled with new experiences. After speaking to my co-workers, Paige and Nikki for the first time, I knew that I would have a lot to learn on this journey. Their bubbly personalities made me eager to join the team. Once we went through the whole purpose of Jennifer Young, I was even more enthusiastic to see where I could fit within the greater mission, to provide an alternative for people who refuse to let cancer infringe on their right to self-care and indulgence (everyone deserves to be spoilt)! My favourite JY product is the Defiant Beauty Lip Balm, which I have used several times to help with my dry chapped lips, as it applies smoothly and smells absolutely lush.

Additionally, I look at the real life case studies of people who have faced cancer through which I get a glimpse of their resilience and will-power to overcome challenges. I am always learning new things about cancer treatment and its effect on the body and sometimes it is difficult to read through case studies (as some can be very upsetting), but I am always left in awe of the strength of people. This is what keeps me passionate about my purpose within JY. Knowing that in some way I am helping people to reclaim themselves, is what gets me up in the morning.

Wish everyone long and happy lives


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