The Bali Health Lounge

 The Bali Health Lounge, voted best spa in Manchester, started offering Jennifer Young treatments in March 2017 because the team wanted to better understand how to help clients affected by cancer

“by commiting to Jennifer Young’s techniques we hoped to further our knowledge and practice in providing the best possible care for our clients.”

The response to the Bali Health Lounge offering adapted oncology massage treatments was overwhelmingly positive, with clients travelling from outside of Manchester to receive the bespoke oncology massage treatments. The spa has also received a fantastic response from therapists, who are extremely happy that they can now offer clients affected by cancer relaxing, nourishing treatments- and be insured to do so.

Training with Jennifer Young has removed the fear of providing touch therapies to those living with and beyond cancer, and given therapists and clients alike a better understanding of light touch massage techniques, as well as the benefits of oncology massage for those who have experienced treatments for cancer.

“The therapist team have been able to incorporate relaxation with the support and reassurance needed for our clients going through all stages of cancer and through our consistent positive feedback and regular visitors we can see that this has created a lasting impact for our guests as well as our therapists.”

Training with Jennifer Young has enabled the Bali Health Lounge to gain a closer relationship with their clients affected by cancer, and has positively affected the number of clients affected by cancer visitng the spa for nourishing, relaxing cancer massage treatments.

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