Online Post-Graduate Diplomas in Oncology Touch Therapies

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All of our Accredited Post-Graduate Diplomas in Touch Therapies for Cancer Patients are now available as online qualifications. All of the detail and information that would usually be delivered in a face-to-face course will be delivered fully via video conference. You will receive printed copies of all of your learning materials prior to joining the online sessions, as well as having access to on-going support.


All Accredited Post-Graduate Diplomas completed online will be delivered as follows:

Day 1

An online, live theory day will be hosted by Jennifer Young, using Zoom.

Day 2 onwards

At the end of Day 1 you will be given exclusive access to the Jennifer Young Training School Online Learning area. This password protected area contains all of the materials you need to master your touch therapy routine.

You will also be shown the ways in which the routine should be adapted to meet the needs of your client.

You have unlimited access to this learning area as well as regular support. You can take as long as you like to become comfortable with the routines.


You will be assessed during your live online learning and again before you start to work with your case studies. All assessment is remote and tailored to the needs of the learner. Our assessments ensure that you are able to work with those affected by cancer in an appropriate manner.

You will be asked to submit written work. We are aware that some delegates may need assistance with providing written submissions and we will adapt this requirement to suit the learner.

When possible, you may be asked to attend a face to face assessment session on a date of your choice and at a convenient location. You are welcome to attend a face to face assessment session if this is your preference.

Day 3 – 5 Case Studies

After successful completion of your touch therapy assessment, you will be expected to complete and submit 3 case studies per Post Graduate Diploma. These case studies will be marked and you will receive written feedback.

Your Post Graduate Diploma will be issued after successful completion of your case studies.

On-going Support

You are welcome to join as many ‘Day 1’ sessions as you feel you need. You will be invited to join an online learning group with all of the other members of your cohort. This moderated group will have access to Jennifer Young Tutor support on a regular basis.



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