Cancer often means fear. Those affected by cancer are given lots of advice, be it from well meaning friends or health professionals, the advice received by cancer patients is often ‘what not to do’. We strive to make our news a more positive experience, focussing on the can do rather than the don’t do.

Therapists are equally scared of cancer, having been taught not to touch anyone who has been diagnosed. The refusal to touch cancer patients can be a hard habit to break. Our accredited qualifications allow therapists and spas to welcome those affected by cancer, here we share the latest research findings as well as some wonderful tales of the difference that specialist products and services can make



Aug 29, 2019

The mountain is climbed – oncology massage training gains international influence

I am back. I hope you enjoyed our guest writers. My two weeks off  were spent in Nepal. I had a truly wonderful time. I have returned with lots of ideas for new oncology massage therapies and spa treatments for cancer patients. I did lots of walking through nature, the foothills of the Himalaya are, as […]

Aug 29, 2019

A day in the life of a social media guru

Hi, my name is Keating and I am the social media coordinator. This means I work with all departments in the Jennifer Young office, such as the training school manager or the dispatch department, to discover as much as possible about the services we provide. I then create posts and stories to communicate this information […]

Aug 29, 2019

A day in the life of a Training School Manager

Hi, My name is Shaira Mohammed and I was the training school manager at Jennifer Young Beauty Despite Cancer until the beginning of May 2019. I organised our specialist oncology courses by liaising with our tutors and venues as well as keeping in touch with all the therapists we have trained. Spa Welcome courses are also part of what […]

Aug 29, 2019

Comfortable celebrity and spa treatments for cancer patients

Self-perception and self-limiting beliefs are funny things aren’t they? We were delivering accredited spa training at Soho Farm last week. Soho House has a reputation for discretion and as such, welcome (according to rumour) some very distinguished guests (as well as me). I was chatting to the therapists about others who have left since my last visit ‘she has gone to […]

Aug 6, 2019

Beneficial Ingredients

There is a strong link between some cosemetic ingredients and breast cancer as well as short-term health effects, like eczema, dermatitis, skin-reddening and soreness. Selecting products with beneficial natural oils can help your skin to stay healthy as well as regain its appearance after suffering the effects of illness and treatments. Beneficial Ingredients, also known […]

Aug 29, 2019

Rethinking – oncology massage in hospitals

This week has been spent out and about and learning – a great combination. The sun was shining and there was cake. I went to Yorkshire, primarily to deliver some accredited oncology massage training to Macmillan therapists at an NHS cancer centre. It is always a joy to work within the NHS. Learning is a wonderful […]

Aug 29, 2019

Out and about and listening – new oncology massage training

Fits and starts would be a good way to describe my week. I have been out and about at various events. I learn so much when I get out and chat.  I’ve been inspired to do all kinds of things, including create a new course. Would you like to join us? We are running a […]

Aug 29, 2019

Becoming a teenager again, hormones and cancer

Netfilx is a new addition to our family. I realise that I could never be accused of being an early adopter. Last week, Netflix entered our sitting room. I signed up for a free month as all of my daughters have language exams soon and they can watch in different languages (I am told, nothing […]

Aug 29, 2019

Exceeding expectations – oncology massage does more for cancer patients

Yesterday evening I visited Tony, my physio. ‘ I haven’t seen you for years, how are you doing?’  ‘great but my back hurts’  (expectant pause, encouraging nods) ‘well, you know that thing that we all do with our kids,  lying flat, legs up and straight, at right angles to the body, feet facing the ceiling, […]

Aug 29, 2019

What a weekend – where did that sunshine come from? Specialist massage for cancer patients in East Anglia.

I hope you spent the weekend in the sunshine, having a ball, enjoying yourself royally. I certainly did. The friends over for food turned into a heavenly BBQ, the tortoises spent the whole weekend wandering through the vegetable patches. Our two tortoise boys are fleet of foot and very sneaky. We invested in some helium […]

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