Cancer often means fear. Those affected by cancer are given lots of advice, be it from well meaning friends or health professionals, the advice received by cancer patients is often ‘what not to do’. We strive to make our news a more positive experience, focussing on the can do rather than the don’t do.

Therapists are equally scared of cancer, having been taught not to touch anyone who has been diagnosed. The refusal to touch cancer patients can be a hard habit to break. Our accredited qualifications allow therapists and spas to welcome those affected by cancer, here we share the latest research findings as well as some wonderful tales of the difference that specialist products and services can make



Aug 6, 2019

Radiation Damaged Skin

Radiotherapy, also known as radiation treatment, is the controlled use of high energy X-rays to treat many different types of cancer. About 4 out of 10 people with cancer have radiotherapy. The length of each course of radiotherapy will depend on the size and type of cancer and where it is in the body. Radiation […]

Aug 6, 2019

Wig Fitting

We have many years experience fitting wigs at our positive appearance centres in Dublin; Here are my top tips! People often just plonk their wig on their head like a hat. I encourage you to play with it to make it your own just like you would with your own hair. Here are a few […]

Aug 6, 2019


If you have lost your eyelashes as a side-effect of chemotherapy, try using some of our wonderful mineral eyeliners to re-create a hint of eyelash on your top lid. Our product information shows you how. If you want 3D – read on…. Eyes It’s all about the eyes! Learn how to replace eyebrows, create eyelashes, get fabulous make-up tips for a […]

Aug 6, 2019

All about Brows

All about Brows By Fiona Brunt   I have found that a common concern expressed by patients when they come and visit us in the Fresh Hair Wig & Beauty Salon is that they will lose their eyebrows during treatment. This doesn’t happen to everyone, some don’t lose any hair from their eyebrows, some may […]

Aug 6, 2019

8 Good Skincare Practices For Cancer Patients

8 Good Skincare Practices For Cancer Patients If you’ve discovered you have cancer, we know that now is the time you’ll want to be doing everything you can for your health, without interfering with any treatment. We have carefully reviewed advice given to cancer patients by advisory bodies and doctors to provide 8 good skincare […]

Aug 6, 2019

Your Skincare Routine

How to help your skin as you go through treatment for cancer. Skincare for Cancer Patients   There is a lot of talk about skincare routines, and we read endless beauty advice in glossy magazines ands women’s magazines. Your skin has changed as a result of your treatment for cancer.  It can be difficult to […]

Aug 6, 2019

Why does cancer treatment affect appearance and skin?

When asked ‘why does cancer treatment affect appearance and skin?’ I was surprised to discover that my answer was so much more than ‘chemotherapy drugs target fast replicating cells’  Of course, chemo drugs do target fast replicating cells and because skin, hair, nails, lips and the digestive tract are fast replicating, the drugs attack them too. Please read more about […]

Aug 6, 2019

Skin care advice

We know that this a time when you want to do the best thing for your health and that you do not want to interfere with your treatment. If you have any concerns you should discuss them with your health care team. The following is not medical advice. We know that this a time when […]

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