Cancer often means fear. Those affected by cancer are given lots of advice, be it from well meaning friends or health professionals, the advice received by cancer patients is often ‘what not to do’. We strive to make our news a more positive experience, focussing on the can do rather than the don’t do.

Therapists are equally scared of cancer, having been taught not to touch anyone who has been diagnosed. The refusal to touch cancer patients can be a hard habit to break. Our accredited qualifications allow therapists and spas to welcome those affected by cancer, here we share the latest research findings as well as some wonderful tales of the difference that specialist products and services can make



Aug 27, 2019

Relax your mind in a safe space with Oncology Massage treatments

Jackie was experiencing her second diagnosis of breast cancer when she came to be a case study for therapist Paige’s oncology massage training. Jackie was having regular chemotherapy treatments as a consequence of her second breast cancer diagnosis, and was using an ice cap alongside this to prevent loss of her hair. The cancer treatments […]

Aug 27, 2019

Jennifer Young-trained Oncology Massage Therapists Are Understanding And Supportive

“Amelia is a 35 year old client who was diagnosed four years ago with breast cancer. The tumour was removed, along with the lymph nodes of the left side. Amelia underwent chemotherapy and suffered side effects of sore skin, hair loss, dry and sensitive skin. In January 2017, Amelia was diagnosed with secondary breast cancer […]

Aug 27, 2019

No Experience Necessary – Jennifer Young Oncology Massage Helps Everyone, Even First Timers

At 60 years old, Shelly, had never had a massage before deciding to take the plunge with a Jennifer Young Oncology Balanced Body and Mind Massage. Shelly was in remission from her cancer diagnosis, allowing her to take a break from her treatment. Despite this, she still experienced the after effects of chemotherapy, the worst […]

Aug 27, 2019

Cell Division Discovery Could Optimise Timing of Chemotherapy and Explain Some Cancers

Research led by the University of Warwick’s Systems Biology Centre and Medical School in collaboration with groups in Nice and Rotterdam has been able to demonstrate how the cycle of cell division in mammalian cells synchronises with the body’s own daily rhythm, its circadian clock. The study not only helps to explain why people with […]

Aug 27, 2019

Spas – accredited oncology massage course and cancer beauty qualifications

The Jennifer Young Accredited ‘Spa Welcome’ Diploma allows you welcome those living with and beyond cancer into your salon or spa and be insured to do so. We show you how to adapt your skills so that you never have to turn anyone away and give you the ability to work confidently and safely with […]

Aug 23, 2019

5 Reasons to train with the Jennifer Young Training School

We provide accredited 2-day in-house training that allows you to welcome cancer patients and offer a full spa menu, including cancer massage. We provide accredited and certified training for front of house, retail, spa managers and reservations staff Jennifer Young is the expert Jennifer Young knows the spa industry and your new client group Jennifer […]

Aug 22, 2019

5 More reasons to train your spa with the Jennifer Young Training School

Jennifer Young products were born within the NHS and are very familiar with their exacting standards We won’t compromise. We use accelerated learning techniques to allow your therapists to assimilate information quickly and effectively. We understand the challenges of running a spa Insurance is usually at no extra cost.   Jennifer Young products were born […]

Aug 22, 2019

Weavers’ House Spa

  Weavers’ House Spa is located in the heart of Suffolk, situated amongst beautiful countryside and old medieval buildings in the historic town of Lavenham. Weavers’ House Spa started offering adapted oncology treatments in June 2016, because they wanted to make sure all clients had the opportunity to feel pampered and amazing. The spa chose […]

Aug 22, 2019

Rudding Park Spa

  Rudding Park Spa opened in May 2017. During the planning phase their research highlighted offerings for patients who had been affected by Cancer within a spa environment were very limited or non-existent. “With this in mind we felt very strongly that we should offer a provision for guests living with or beyond Cancer, so […]

Aug 22, 2019

Ragdale Hall Health Hydro & Thermal Spa

  Nestled in the rolling Leicestershire countryside Ragdale Hall combines state-of-the-art facilities with the charm of traditional Victorian architecture to create one of the most luxurious and relaxing health spas in the country. Located just outside Melton Mowbray, Ragdale Hall is currently the UK’s Best Spa*, has one of the highest ratings available from The […]

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