About Jennifer Faq

  • What are the Jennifer Young Collections?

    Our specialist natural and organic skincare products were created at the request if, and with the help of, an NHS cancer centre.

    Defiant Beauty by Jennifer Young
    I started working with my local hospital to create the Defiant Beauty Collection in 2009. The work was done at their invitation; some ladies who were going through treatment at the hospital asked me to create a skincare range for cancer patients. The lead nurses for
    chemotherapy and radiotherapy helped.

    Beyond Beauty by Jennifer Young
    Beyond Beauty by Jennifer Young was created in 2016 as Defiant Beauty clients asked for something that they could use after treatment when their skin was less sensitive. Beyond Beauty is also suitable for those actively in treatment who are experiencing fewer skin
    related side effects.

    Both the Defiant Beauty Collections and the Beyond Beauty Collections address the concerns of both patients and nurses in the original product development team.


    The Jennifer Young collections

    • are natural
    • are made from organic ingredients where possible
    • do not contain endocrine disruptors (the nurses did not want phyto (plant)-oestrogens to be included in the products)
    • contain very few ingredients in order to minimise the chance of a reaction
    • contain soothing, calming, moisturising ingredients
    • contain ingredients chosen with the side-effects of treatment for cancer in mind
    • aim to promote regeneration and rejuvenation.
  • Who is Jennifer Young?

    Jennifer Young is an associate member of the Royal Society of Medicine, she has a BSc(Hons) in Biology and is an experienced Micro-biologist, qualified and practicing Nutritional Therapist, a lecturer in Nutrition and Biomedicine, a qualified Aromatherapist, Beauty Therapist and Product Formulator. She has two post graduate qualifications in health related fields and has been active in medical research. She combines the knowledge from all of these areas and applies them to your skin. Her results are astounding.

    Jennifer studied Nutrition at the College of Naturopathic Medicine (CNM)  and uses her nutritional knowledge to inform her skincare formulations. Jennifer’s expert comments are often seen in National Newspapers and magazines and Jennifer’s work has been featured in titles, including, The Daily Mail, The Daily Mirror, The Daily Express, My Healthy Living, Women’s Weekly, The Health Store Magazine and Predictions.

    Jennifer works directly with many groups that support cancer patients, giving skin care and beauty advice. Such groups include, Womb Cancer Support UK and University Hospital North Staffs Cancer Centre. Jennifer answers specific skin care queries via her Twitter account @jenniferskin

Training Faq

  • What is covered on my course?

    Our post graduate qualifications are information rich – this is why we ask that you complete a Pre Course Learning booklet before attending the day. The pre course learning acts as an introduction to oncology holistic and beauty therapies and will hopefully answer some of your questions. The information covered on the course day is tailored to the therapy being taught. Please see below for some of the topics covered on our oncology holistic and beauty therapy courses.

    During the course you will learn:

    • The biology of cancer
    • Main treatments for cancer and their side-effects
    • The biological mechanisms underlying the common side-effects of treatment for cancer
    • The ways in which the main treatments for cancer impact the disease and what can go wrong
    • The skincare and well-being products that are suitable when working with cancer patients
    • The natural and organic ingredients that may cause harm when used on those living with and beyond cancer
    • Beneficial ingredients in natural and organic skincare for cancer patients
    • Medical devices that you may encounter when working with those going through treatment for cancer
    • The purpose of the medical devices associated with treatment for cancer and their purpose
    • Scalp care for cancer patients – you are likely to meet clients affected by cancer who are experiencing temporary hair loss
    • The ways in which touch can be adapted so that you are able to welcome everyone living with and beyond cancer, no matter what their condition or experience
    • The main contraindications to touch for those living with and beyond cancer
    • Emotional impact of diagnosis and treatment
    • Personal impact of a cancer diagnosis
    • The language of cancer, it’s treatment and how to welcome your new clients
    • The hygiene standards required when working with cancer patients and how these differ from the standard taught during our entry level qualifications
    • The ways in which therapists can look after themselves as well as others, emotionally and physically
    • The requirements of the laws in place to protect the client and the therapist
    • The simple steps that can be taken to ensure compliance with relevant legislation
    • The consent process


    In addition, your therapists will also cover

    • The evidence to support the many well-proven benefits of facial massage for cancer patients. All of the references underpinning this knowledge are included in the workbook, allowing therapists to conduct further detailed research into any areas of particular interest.
    • The ways in which touch can be adapted to enable you to welcome all to enjoy your oncology touch therapies, no matter what their condition or concerns
    • Physical adaptations and procedural adaptations are both considered
    • The products (massage oils, skincare and essential oil blends) that can be used and their therapeutic benefits – ours therapies are results driven and the products used are as important as the touch therapy
    • Oncology treatments in a clinical setting
    • The language to use when liaising with an oncology healthcare team
    • The consent process
    • Mindful consultation and record keeping (we will work with you prior to the course to ensure that all new requirements fit seamlessly with existing processes
    • Five safe and effective oncology treatment routines that can be adapted to be offered to all, no matter what their condition or concern
    • Individual adaptations to the oncology treatment routines
    • Adaptation decision making
    • How to make a client comfortable
    • Aftercare
    • Home care
    • Standardised and recognised methods of collecting data to prove the effectiveness of your oncology massage therapies
  • Do I need qualifications to join a course?

    Cancer Massage Courses

    Level 3 Massage

    Level 3 Beauty including massage



    Level 2 Beauty



    Level 3 aromatherapy



    Level 3 Reflexology

  • How long will the course be?

    Our courses are all 3 day courses with one contact day. The course structure is


    Day 1 – independent completion of pre course learning

    Day 2 – practical day with your tutor

    Day 3 – completion of case studies


    Face & Body TreatmentsEssential Energy Lifting Facial (EELF) and Aromatherapy are four day courses with 2 practical days

    The practical day starts at 9:30 and finishes at 5:30pm depending on venue.

  • How many case studies do I need to do?

    We require you to complete 3 case studies after your practical day. There is no time limit for these – you can complete them as and when you please.

    The only exception is the Post Graduate Diploma in Face & Body Treatments – we require you to complete 9 case studies after your practical day

  • Who are my case studies?

    Your case studies need to be completed on anyone who has been diagnosed with cancer. They do not need to be going through treatment but it is fine if they are.

  • Please can you help me find my case studies?

    If you are struggling to find people to be case studies then we can help. Just ring the office and let us know and we will help you get in contact with potential case studies.

  • Will I be able to be insured?

    Our specialist training allows you to add your new qualification to your policy AT NO EXTRA COST in most cases.

  • What if my insurer says ‘no’?

    We only know of one insurer who refuses to insure therapists to work with cancer patients after completion of our specialist training. We are very happy to chat to and send detailed information to insurers who are unaware of the quality of our training.


    If you prefer to work with our enlightened and pioneering insurers please contact

    Holistic Services Insurance


    Telephone: +44 (0)1327 354249, 0345 22 22 236

    Fax: 0345 22 22 237

    Email: info@holisticinsurance.co.uk


    181A Watling Street West



    NN12 6BX

    Normal Office hours Monday – Friday 09.00 – 17.00

    Ask for Alison.

  • Will my clients need to get a Dr’s note once I’m qualified?

    No, we will show you how to work safely and confidently with someone affected by cancer. There are situations in which a doctors note is needed. This is also covered on your cancer massage or other cancer touch therapy course.

  • Where will my course be held?

    We will send you exact course locations when you make payment for your course. The following centres are easily accessible by public transport (and Link to the venue page)




  • How many CPD points will I gain?

  • What are the most popular courses? What should I do first?

    Our most popular course is cancer massage. Facials and hand, nail and foot courses are a close second to oncology massage.

    There is no specified order in which to take our courses. You should take the course that best suits you and your needs.

  • Do I have to use the Jennifer Young Collections?

    It is not a requirement to purchase our products. During your course you will be taught to recognise product ingredients and be able to identify ingredients to avoid. We trust you to use the product knowledge taught to choose appropriate products to use when you perform treatments on people undergoing treatment for cancer.

    As a therapist with a Jennifer Young Qualification we offer you our products at wholesale prices. We also have a number of therapist discount offers available to you for your first purchase Our Training Offers Brochure will be emailed to you when you book your course and soon after completion of you cancer massage course, or other cancer therapy course.

    We are unable to offer free product but we do offer significant discounts to our qualified therapists.

  • What should I wear?

    Please wear comfortable clothes, you are not required to wear a therapist uniform but you are very welcome to do so.

  • How can I order your products?

    You can either call the office and place your order over the phone – or send an email to orders@jenniferyoung.co.uk.

    We can issue you an invoice or arrange to take payment over the phone.

  • When will I receive my joining instructions/case studies?

    You should have received an email from us on the day that you paid for your course. Please call the office or email us and we will send it again (it might be in your spam folder).

  • How many case studies should I do?

    You must complete 3 case studies (unless you attended the Face & Body Treatments fast track. For this course we need you to complete 9 case studies). The case study booklet (sent to you at the time of booking) contains all of the information you need to complete your case studies.

    You must complete 3 case studies, including a case summary, an initial MYCAW and a follow up MYCAW.

  • I’m struggling to find case studies. Please can you help?

    Yes, please get in touch and we will try to find you some case studies. We work with a large number of cancer charities and support groups and we are usually over subscribed for case studies.

  • My case study has just had chemotherapy – is it ok to give them a treatment?

    Yes, it is fine. Your training has taught you how to manage this situation and you will be fully confident.

  • Please can I have an itemised receipt for my records?

    Yes, please just ask and we will send you an itemised VAT receipt.

  • When can I expect my certificate?

    We collect case study booklets on 15th of every month. Case studies will be marked and certificates issued within 6 weeks of collection.

    Case studies submitted during August will be collected on 15th September.


    Fast Track Certification

    We know, from experience, that, for a variety of reasons, some of you would like your certificates sooner. We are very happy to collect & mark your case studies & issue your certificate within 3 days upon payment of £150 (inc VAT).

    Payments can be made to the Jennifer Young office.


    Spa clients

    You complete your case studies during your 2 day in house training. Our tutors collect your paperwork and you are not required to complete further case studies. You are welcome to submit further case studies should you wish. We will collate and analyse your MYCAW data, allowing you to prove your effectiveness.

  • When can I expect a hard copy of my certificate?

    We send our certificates to print on the 17th of the month (with the exception of August). You can expect to receive your hard copy up to 3 weeks after you have received your E-copy.

  • How can I become a Jennifer Young tutor?

    We are always looking for new tutors. We require applicants to have completed at least 3 of our accredited diplomas. Please let your tutor know that you are interested in joining the team and we will be in touch.

  • Please can I promote a course from my venue?

    Thank you. You are very welcome to promote a cancer massage course or any of our accredited qualifications from your venue – we provide the tutor and pay you for use of your venue. We require you to have at least 6 confirmed delegates who are ready to secure their place with a deposit (full payment may be required if the oncology therapy course is within 4 weeks). We will confirm tutor availability as soon you have confirmed delegates and before we take deposit payment.

  • What is covered on a Spa Welcome course?

    Our accredited cancer massage courses and the other oncology therapy skills taught allow you to offer a full spa menu to those affected by cancer. Your therapists will receive four accredited qualifications for those affected by cancer.

  • Are you able to train my Spa/Salon onsite?

    Yes – we can arrange for one of our Tutors to come to your spa/salon and train your therapists onsite.

  • Do we need one large training space? How many beds will we need?

    We need one bed for every two therapists when teaching a  Spa Welcome course at your Spa / Salon

  • What are the price options for a Spa Welcome?

    We offer a variety of pricing options including Free training with a minimum product order. We are very happy to discuss your needs so that we can create the package best suited to your needs. Please do get in touch if you would like to discuss this further.


    Please note: Further training and refresher training will be given free of charge after a minimum product order.

  • How long is the training for a Spa Welcome?

    2 days of training.

  • Please can we buy product for a Spa Welcome?

    Yes, you can.

  • Do you give training for our front of house and retail staff?

    Yes – we provide accredited and assessed front of house and retail training with our Spa Welcome Qualification

  • Do we work on models during our accredited cancer massage and oncology therapy training?

    Yes, we will invite models to join us during the second afternoon of the two day courses. Supported work with models is only included on the two day spa welcome course.

    We help you to find models and we support your therapists during their first experience of working with cancer patients. We provide full training and a debrief so that we are able to maximise this learning experience.

  • When are our Front of House staff needed to join the training?

    On our 2 day Spa Welcome course – your Front of House staff will join the training at 13:15 on the first day if face to face training is required. Our accredited training is workbook based – your team are welcome to work on completion independently. We know how busy you all are.

    We also offer accredited workbook based training for spa leaders and are happy to provide separate training for supervisors and managers.

  • Please may I have marketing materials, posters, product images for website and samples for launch events?

    Yes. We should have invited you to a file containing product images when you booked your training. If the invite has gone astray – please contact us and we will invite you again.

    We will happily provide posters and other marketing materials and we have samples available at cost for launch events.

  • How long should the treatments be?

    Treatments can be adjusted to fit with your normal spa timing – usually 25 minutes or 55 minutes – therapists will be shown how to manage the timing and how to be sensitive to the needs of your new clients. Our top to toe treatment is usually 95 minutes.

    We suggest you charge the same price as you do for other treatments. Normality is very important to those going through treatment for cancer.

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