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Work With Us

We provide free training for all. Our mission is to help cancer patients mitigate the impact of treatment upon the way that they look. You can help too – here’s how you can get involved. Your chosen charity could benefit too.


Join the Writing Team

You might be just the person that we are looking for. If you feel that you can add to the team and are willing to write regularly for us-please do get in touch. If you have something that you are desperate to share but don’t want to write regularly, we’d be delighted to share your guest post and link to your site or other online presence. Please contact us, we’d love to hear from you.

Beauty Ambassadors

We further support many charities through our Ambassador programme.

We would be delighted for charities and individuals interested helping cancer patients to maintain their appearance as they go through their treatment to become Cancer Beauty Ambassadors. We provide free cancer beauty training in a number of  locations nationwide. Training covers the information supporting our skin care advice, ingredients choices, research into other ingredients as well as beauty hints and tips. The training is suitable for those going through treatment for cancer, those recovering. charity volunteers and interested individuals, usually, but not exclusively from the world of beauty and holistics.  Our training is fun and fabulous and you will become part of the team and be fully supported.

Please contact us if you would like to become an Ambassador or attend one of our training days.

Spread the word

If you have friends and family with cancer please tell them all you have learned from this website. Cancer patients expect to lose their hair and to feel ill during cancer treatment.  Many do not expect to develop sensitive, sore and irritated skin, nor do they expect to lose their nails. Research shows that using skin care created specially for cancer patients improves their ‘quality of life’ (that’s a research term that means things don’t feel as bad) during treatment.

We know of so many steps that can be taken to prevent cancer from changing the way a patient looks as they go through their treatment. We know that this is of huge importance to both women and men as they do not want their medical condition to be on permanent display. We can help but only if patients know where to come for help.


Please contact us if you would like to know more about Defiant Beauty Retail opportunities.

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