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  • Gently moisturises dry and tight skin
  • Helps combat signs of premature aging caused by chemo or radiotherapy
  • Rejuvenates sensitive skin

  • Top tip:

    Due to its rich contents, you only need to use a droplet or two.


    Apply a small amount to the face after cleansing. There should be no need to apply a moisturiser after using the serum. Use twice a day.

    Defiant Beauty Intensive Serum

    Our Intensive Serum is multipurpose, designed to reduce lines and dark circles whilst restoring the skin to its natural pH level. It can be used on very sensitive skin and to combat the effects of chemo and radiotherapy. 

    Defiant Beauty Serum

    Gently moisturises and rejuvenates dry and tight, sensitive skin. Our serum helps to combat the signs of premature ageing that can be caused by chemo and radiotherapy.

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