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Treatment for cancer can result in a changed appearance, often a time when we are least able to deal with change.

This collection (which can be matched to your preferences) is designed to help you to step out with confidence, looking like you.

Your return to recognising yourself starts with a facial -

Defiant Beauty Cleanse & Moisturise 50ml

The cleansing part of your routine, apply a small amount to the face (and scalp if you have experienced hair loss), leave for a short while before removing with a warm damp cloth, tissues or cotton wool.

This cleansing balm will leave the skin moisturised as well as cleansed.

Defiant Beauty Exfoliating Sponge x1

This natural, gentle sponge exfoliates the skin of the face and scalp, removing and dry skin cells.

Defiant Beauty Cool & Refresh 100ml

A softly fragranced hydrating mist, which can be used on face and scalp. Spray liberally and leave to dry.

Defiant Beauty Serum 15ml 

This beauty serum completes your pamper. Warm one drop in the hands and apply to the face  (and scalp if required) in sweeping upwards strokes.

Defiant Beauty Self-Tanning Mousse 200ml

This mousse is available in light and medium and can be used on face and body. Prepare the skin as described above and follow the instructions on the mousse – you will develop a subtle, natural tan.

Defiant Beauty Eyebrow Kit (brush, stencils, bush a brow, brow wax) x1

This set contains everything you need recreate eyebrows that may have been lost to chemo, or are becoming sparse.

Defiant Beauty Black Eyeliner 5g

This natural eyeliner can be used to give an illusion of lashes which may have been lost as a result of treatment for cancer or that have thinned during treatment.

The Tights Headwrap x1

The icing on the cake, the tights headwrap is versatile and stylish. The wrap is accompanied by styling suggestions and advice.

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