Breast Cancer Chemo Care Collection


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This is the one - if in doubt, decide on this Breast Cancer Chemotherapy Care Package.

Those going through chemo most often ask us for help with hot flushes, itchy, dry, sore and sensitive skin and chapped lips.

We have included our three best sellers in this Breast Cancer Chemotherapy Care Package as they provide relief from these common concerns.

A natural and effective oil formulated to help reduce scarring forms part of the care package as we have never met a breast cancer patient who has not undergone surgery.

We are known for including the indulgent alongside our specialist, beautiful products, the self-heating eye mask helps one to switch off and relax, it helps in moments of stress, anxiety and sleeplessness.

As 75% of cancer patients report nausea as a side-effect of treatment for cancer, we feel duty bound to include a tin of peppermints.

Defiant Beauty Cool & Refresh 100ml - included as it can be used as a cooling spray for face, body and scalp

Defiant Beauty Itchy Skin Oil 50ml - because making  itchy skin less itchy  is top of the list for most 

Defiant Beauty Scar Oil 15ml - as treatment for cancer usually involves surgery of some kind

Defiant Beauty Lip Balm 4.5ml - an all-time fave and best seller - a seriously addictive source of comfort 

Amour Self Heating Eye Mask x1 - self-love, relaxation and an intended sleep aid

Vermints Peppermints 40g Tin - for many a reason, 75% of chemotherapy patients will find them useful to combat the nausea they tell us they experience, the remaining 25% will find they come in handy in lots of situations. 

These luxurious, natural skincare products were created with the help of an NHS cancer centre. This gift set contains a carefully curated collection of products used in the Jennifer Young Spa Treatments (you can find them on the menu at many a 5* spa).

This gift is not only practical,  it is helpful, beautiful and makes a  difference.  You will be saving the recipient time, effort and distraction. You have got this – they no longer need to find a way to soothe their skin or improve their chapped lips.

You did it for them.

All gifts are beautifully and carefully wrapped. Unwrapping is part of the fun, we make sure that the love and care you have taken in choosing this gift is evident at every stage. Your gift note is included with the parcel which will not contain any price information. 

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