Be Sleepy and Warm

Sleep Cap:

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There are many reasons why one might struggle to sleep after a cancer diagnosis, frustratingly the time when sleep might be most welcome. Treatment for cancer can be exhausting. Up to 90% of those affected by cancer report low energy and fatigue.

This set contains products created to encourage sleep. These specialist products address some of those issues, preventing sleep, head on. 

Our Well-Being Beauty Sleep Ritual Collection is loaded with well-chosen sleep-inducing essential oils, the body oil and the diffuser ensure maximum exposure to these gently fragranced, soporific marvels,

We are often told that scalp soreness prevents sleep, our soft cotton sleep cap keeps you warm as well as providing comfort. The seams are cleverly designed onto the outside of the cap, reducing the irritation that can occur when they sit next to a very sensitive scalp all night.

Cashmere and Merino socks provide further warmth and comfort as well as bringing a touch of decadence to this purposeful collection.

If further sleep inducement is needed, look no further than our self-heating eye masks, each providing a gentle fragrance associated with sleep.

When the light fragrance is combined with the cosy glow of the masks, the warmth of the sleep cap and cashmere socks, after using the Sleep Ritual Body Oil in the presence of the Sleep Ritual Diffuser, sleep follows.

The Be Sleepy and Warm Collection includes

Well Being Beauty Sleep Ritual Body Oil 100ml 

Well Being Beauty Sleep Ritual Diffuser 100ml 

Soft Cotton Sleep Cap x1 (available in a variety of colours)

Cashmere and Merino Socks 1 box (available in pink or cream)

Dreamy Eyes Self-Heating Eye Mask x1 

Amour Eyes Self-Heating Eye Mask x1


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