Hospital Visits Breast Cancer Care Package


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A thoughtful and practical gift for one diagnosed with breast cancer. All of the specialist items in this lovingly curated care package will be appreciated and used, are practical and indulgent.

Cashmere and merino bed socks in pink or cream

These truly luxurious bed socks bring comfort as well as a much needed warmth – many tell us of the chills they experience when having chemo. Soft, cosy socks help to counteract the cold whilst making one feel cared for.

Well-Being Beauty Serenity Diffuser 100ml

The Serenity natural diffuser harnesses the subtle power of Frankincense and Mandarin alongside their gentle fragrance. These oils are known for their calming properties and have been blended to bring inner peace. Diffusers signal a return home, a place of safety and comfort.

Defiant Beauty Cool & Refresh 100ml

After the chills comes the heat, hot flushes are a common and inconvenient side-effect of treatment for cancer. This versatile, cooling spray can be used on body, face and scalp.

Defiant Beauty Scar Oil 15ml

A natural oil formulated using rejuvenating ingredients with the intention of reducing scarring, surgery is a common part of treatment for cancer and many are keen to reduce visible reminders.

All gifts are beautifully and carefully wrapped. Unwrapping is part of the fun, we make sure that the love and care you have taken in choosing this gift is evident at every stage. Your gift note is included with the parcel which will not contain any price information. 

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