My Little Box of Joy by Sam Reynolds

Sam is a mother, breast cancer patients and blogger, and a good friend of The Jennifer Young Team. When Sam was first diagnosed with breast cancer, she started an online diary of her experiences, thoughts and feelings. In this blog post, Sam talks about receiving a Monthly Care Package on her doorstep.

When a little box of self care arrives at the door, you can’t help but automatically feel a little flutter of excitement. Whether it is delivered to a cancer survivor, patient or a friend going through a challenging time, there is nothing as comforting and as uplifting as receiving some care in the post.


When my own Jennifer Young care package arrived the other day, I was thrilled. Recognising the logo on the box, I knew straight away that it would be a treat, as opposed to the mundane utilities bills and bank statements I am used to receiving.

Upon opening, the presentation of the package made it feel even more luxurious and special. A little postcard appeared with the treat of a voucher for Jennifer Young specialist skincare. Beneath this were five beautifully wrapped goodies;


  1. Beyond Beauty Morning Treatment

This serum is a stunning way of starting the day. The waft of frankincense, ylang ylang and sandalwood is delicate and gentle and the oil is light but deeply hydrating and doesn’t leave your skin sticky or greasy. With a natural dewy glow, chemo skin has never looked so fresh.



  1. Defiant Beauty Lip Balm

Chemotherapy has a habit of making lips very dry and sore. I have read that, with regular application, lip balm can make a big difference. The Jennifer Young lip balm is made with almond oil, beeswax and cocoa butter, helping to lock in moisture and soothe chapped lips. Its tiny size means it can be kept in your handbag or your pocket and used frequently through the day.


  1. Well Being Beauty Calming Body Oil

Bergamot is my absolute favourite essential oil, creating a deep sense of relaxation and calm. Together with an uplifting lime oil, as I apply it to my damp skin post warm bath, I instantly feel peaceful and balanced. My skin is naturally dry but after radiotherapy and chemotherapy, it was and still is prone to feeling tight and sensitive. This oil has made a dramatic difference, moisturising and nourishing enough to last for long periods of time and bringing a sense of nurturing and inner peace.


  1. Citrus Spice Bath Bomb

Who doesn’t love a bath bomb, especially one made with natural essential oils? The Jennifer Young citrus spice bath bomb smells divine, with orange, lime and aniseed. Being a total bath time fan, this was the ultimate joy. I have experienced intense fatigue throughout all four of my breast cancer diagnoses and the uplifting smell and fizzing is so invigorating, perking my mood and energy levels up! These also made great gifts on their own and one will last for a few baths - a gift that keeps on giving.


  1. Sleepy Lavender Seed and Coconut Soap

In the past I have found regular soaps really drying and tricky to use, but with natural oils and other beneficial ingredients, this is a soap in its own league. Aside from being so pretty to look at, it is tactile and comforting just to hold, as well as smelling delicious. Coconut oils are incredibly nourishing, with restorative properties, so lathering this in my hands is a pleasure.






All these authentic and unprocessed skincare products are not only good for our skin and senses, they are nurturing and nourishing to our soul. Going through any kind of cancer treatment, whether drugs or invasive treatment, has endless side effects both physically and emotionally, and these can be on-going. As a four-time cancer patient and survivor, these products bring me a sense of peace, calm and reassurance, that make such a difference to my self-worth and self-care routine.

Whether used alone or altogether, as a little wellbeing routine each day, I have found it amazing how a bottle of oil or a bar of soap, bring a huge sense of satisfaction and gratification; for my body, as it works so hard to process the drugs and treatment; my skin, as the largest organ of my body protecting me; and for my mind, as it navigates all the stress, anxiety and weight that a cancer diagnosis can bring. These products reconnect me with my body on a deep and mindful level, engaging with all my senses and bringing precious moments of calm and solace, making the end of what can feel like a challenging day, relaxing and serene. The Monthly Cancer Care Packages are the perfect pick me up. Enjoy.


Sam has written several blogs for Jennifer Young, sharing her experiences, advice and queries. In previous blogs, Sam has discussed the link between mental health and gaining control through self care, as well as touching on many other interesting topics. 

Sam can be found on instagram as @samspaces_safespacesaftercancer. Read more on her website:

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