Spotlight on Defiant Beauty Raw Shea Butter

Less can sometimes be more. Keeping your skincare routine minimal can be the way forward if you are experiencing very sore skin after chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatments. Shea body butter can be a lovely way to keep your skin feeling nourished and hydrated. The best part is that you can use butters all over your body for lots of purposes like cleansing and soothing irritated areas or removing makeup. There are many body butters on the market but knowing more about shea butter will help you to understand why it is ahead of many other options.

Shea butter is luscious and soft, melting with the warmth of the skin and is quickly absorbed. It is sourced from the fat of a type of nut which grows on the African shea tree and contains vital fatty acids and nutrients which can improve collagen production. It is rich in vitamins A, E and F, and acts as a natural barrier to filter damaging UV rays from the sun. Shea butter can help to keep the pH level of your skin balanced and with regular use can give you a healthy glow. Consistency is key.

Here are five practical ways to utilise Shea Butter to achieve silky skin:

  • Heavenly Hydration

During and after treatments for cancer, your skin may seem noticeably drier than usual due to the way your body reacts to different treatments, so you might need a hydrating boost every now and then. Shea butter forms a barrier on your skin and slows down the loss of water, keeping you hydrated for longer between applications. You can apply the butter to your skin in the same way you apply an oil, using a gentle circular motion (although you can use any soft technique which suits you better). Warming the shea in your palms will make it easier to spread over your skin, especially skin that is sensitive to touch.

  • Hand, Foot and Nail Care

Our hands and feet need to get in on the hydrating action. Due to chemotherapy and radiotherapy, the skin on your hands and feet may become scaly and red, blister or feel rough. You can use Shea Butter as a soothing mask which can help to soften sore skin by applying a thick layer to your hands or feet and leaving to set for around 5 – 10 minutes before washing off any excess with warm water. For longer lasting hydration, instead of washing away the shea butter after 10 minutes, you can cover with some spare cotton gloves or socks and leave on overnight. Shea Butter can heal damaged nail beds and is a great way to finish off a home ‘mani-pedi’, simply rub some shea along your cuticles before applying a nail oil or nail varnish.

  • Make-Up Remover

Shea butter is wonderful at breaking down greasy makeup particles which make it an ideal makeup remover without being harsh on your skin. Warm some shea between your fingertips and gently massage into the areas where you have applied makeup (avoid your eyes). You will need a slightly wet cotton pad or towel which you can use to lightly wipe away remaining residue.  

  • Sensitive Skin Saviour

Shea butter can help your wounds to heal, as it is rich in vitamins which are absorbed into the skin and speed up your natural healing process from the inside out. Not only does it provide relief for sore skin, it also has anti-inflammatory properties which soothe irritated and itchy skin. To relieve your skin, apply a small amount to the affected areas and allow it to sit for as long as possible.

  • ‘Shea-goodbye’ to accelerated aging

If you are not already sold on the idea of switching to shea butter, we are sure you will not want to miss out on its anti-aging goodness. When used on your face as a moisturiser it can work to reduce fine lines and wrinkles by boosting collagen production, helping reduce their visible appearance. It is great in so many ways, we think it really holds its own ground in the body butter world and would highly recommend if you are looking for simple solutions to your skin woes.

From our hands to yours, Defiant Beauty Raw Shea Butter remains organically undisturbed and we like to keep it that way! Our Defiant Beauty Raw Shea Butter has a natural nutty flavour and is free from any additional ingredients which could be harmful to sensitive skin. We prepare the shea butter by lightly whipping it for a softer texture. No need to worry about any hidden parabens or preservatives which could affect your skin during chemotherapy or radiotherapy. You simply need some warm hands and a space to relax and enjoy the gentle feeling of silky shea against your skin.

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