Lots of people experience nausea and feelings of sickness during cancer treatment, and while doctors will usually give you medication to help, there are other things you can do to feel a bit better.

There are things that you can do to help by enhancing everyday lifestyle. For example:

  • Drink enough liquids so you don't dehydrate.
  • Suck on peppermints or ginger sweets or try peppermint or ginger tea to soothe your stomach.
  • Even if you don't feel like it, make sure you eat enough.
  • Use aromatherapy at home - black pepper, cardamom, lime, spearmint, lavender, peppermint, benzoin and ginger are all helpful.  
  • If you can manage it, take gentle exercise like short regular walks and gradually build up your activity.
  • Treat yourself to regular, gentle touch therapies like reflexology or light massage.

Well Being Beauty Body Oil Vitality

Containing warm and soothing cardamom and ginger, the Well Being Beauty Body Oil Vitality is designed to help reduce feelings of nausea and calm the digestive system. Made from 100% natural plant ingredients the oil gently nourishes  the skin. It also harnesses the power of aromatherapy to support anyone feeling under the weather or experiencing feelings of sickness, particularly resulting from chemotherapy and other cancer treatments.