Post Graduate Diploma in Oncology Reflexology

3 Day Oncology Reflexology Course – Post Graduate Diploma in Reflexology
2 days reflexology for cancer patients independent learning
1 day with face-to-face reflexology for cancer patients (training with a tutor)
2 professional bodies accreditation (FHT and ThinkTree)

Please note that these dates may be subject to change, you are advised to wait for a direct confirmation email from us before making any travel or accommodation arrangements. 

At Jennifer Young Training School, our oncology massage course training shows you how to adapt reflexology techniques so you can offer safe and effective oncology reflexology for cancer patients. All of our oncology courses are accredited by FHT and CTHA which enables you to find insurance to offer cancer massage and other therapies. We remove the fear.
Oncology Course Structure

  • Pre-course learning to be completed before attending the practical day
  • Practical day with course tutors
  • Case studies to be completed before certification

When you book onto our Oncology Reflexology course you will be sent some pre-course learning. This covers some of the basics of working with cancer patients and those affected by cancer.
Your fully referenced, evidence-based 56 page pre-course learning workbook will be sent to you as soon as you confirm your oncology course booking.

You are asked to read and complete the ‘massage for cancer patient’s’ workbook and bring it with you to your face-to-face oncology massage practical day with your tutor.

The cancer reflexology pre-course learning covers the following:

  • The biology of cancer
  • Main treatments for cancer and their side-effects
  • The biological mechanisms underlying the common side-effects of treatment for cancer
  • The ways in which the main treatments for cancer impact the disease and what can go wrong
  • The skincare and well-being products that are suitable when working with cancer patients
  • The natural and organic ingredients that may cause harm when used on those living with and beyond cancer
  • Beneficial ingredients in natural and organic skincare for cancer patients
  • Scalp care for cancer patients – you are likely to meet clients affected by cancer who are experiencing temporary hair loss

Course Content

  • Physiology of Cancer
  • Pharmacology of cancer treatments
  • Interaction between the physiology and pharmacology of cancer treatment and reflexology
  • Physical, emotional and spiritual condtions you may encounter
  • Review of evidence to show the benefits of reflexology for those affected by cancer
  • Improved hygiene standards necessary when working with cancer patients
  • Adapted techniques
  • Client consultation
  • Medical Consent
  • End of life care
  • Hospice Work

When you attend your oncology reflexology course training day you will be shown how to work with those affected by cancer, how to adapt your reflexology techniques and work with your client to make the class the most beneficial it can be for them. The consultation process is covered in detail, as are the insurance requirements.

Your insurer should insure you upon completion of the course (no-one has refused so far). If your insurer won’t, ours will.

Each of our day courses costs £250, for which you receive general pre-course learning, qualification specific pre-course learning where appropriate, a full day of practical training and support through and marking of your case studies. You will also be featured on the therapist register on Beauty Despite Cancer. You will be able to access the Defiant Beauty Collections at a wholesale price as well as salon sizes that are only available to our trained.

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  • Total days 3 Day
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