Post Graduate Diploma in Oncology Holistic Facial Treatments

3 Day Oncology Facials Course – Post Graduate Diploma in Oncology Holistic Facials
2 days facials for cancer patients independent learning
1 day with face-to-face training with a tutor
2 professional bodies accreditation (FHT and ThinkTree)

Please note that these dates may be subject to change, you are advised to wait for a direct confirmation email from us before making any travel or accommodation arrangements. 

At Jennifer Young Training School, our oncology massage facials training show you how to offer facials for cancer patients in your salon, spa, clinic or rooms.
Upon successful completion of your Post- Graduate Diploma in Holistic Facials you will not require medical consent in order to be able to provide a facial for cancer patients. You will be insured to work hands on with cancer patients
This 3 day oncology training course is a combination of home study, practical learning with a tutor and the supported completion of case studies.

Day 1 – Pre Course Learning, to be completed at a time of your choice prior to your practical oncology facials day
Your fully referenced, evidence-based 56 page pre-course learning workbook will be sent to you as soon as you confirm your oncology course booking.
You are asked to read and complete the oncology facials workbook and bring it with you to your face-to-face oncology massage facials course practical day with your tutor.
The cancer massage pre-course learning covers the following:

  • The biology of cancer
  • Main treatments for cancer and their side-effects
  • The biological mechanisms underlying the common side-effects of treatment for cancer
  • The ways in which the main treatments for cancer impact the disease and what can go wrong
  • The skincare and well-being products that are suitable when working with cancer patients
  • The natural and organic ingredients that may cause harm when used on those living with and beyond cancer
  • Beneficial ingredients in natural and organic skincare for cancer patients
  • Scalp care for cancer patients – you are likely to meet clients affected by cancer who are experiencing temporary hair loss

Day 2 Practical oncology massage facials training – face-to-face learning day with one of our expert tutors (venues available throughout the UK, UAE and Asia)
After welcomes, introductions and venue familiarisation the group will cover any concerns arising from the pre-course learning. Delegates are encouraged to ask questions about any matters relating to facial massage for cancer patients or the wider field of oncology.
After the opening session when any and all issues can be discussed you will be given your fully referenced, evidence-based 50 page practical workbook.
The cancer facial massage workbook is designed to take all learning styles into account and is accessible to all. Accelerated learning techniques are used as standard during oncology courses with the Jennifer Young Training School.

You will cover:

  •  Evidence to support the many well-proven benefits of facial massage for cancer patients. All of the references underpinning this knowledge are included in your workbook, allowing you to conduct further detailed research in any areas of particular interest.
  • The ways in which touch can be adapted to enable you to welcome all to enjoy your oncology facials, no matter what their condition or concerns
  • Physical adaptations and procedural adaptations are both considered
  • The products (massage oils, skincare and essential oil blends) that can be used and their therapeutic benefits – ours are results driven oncology facials, the products used are as important as the touch therapy
  • Oncology facials in a clinical setting
  • The language to use when liaising with an oncology healthcare team
  • The consent process
  • Mindful consultation and record keeping
  • A safe and effective oncology facial routine that can be adapted to be offered to all, no matter what their condition or concern
  • Individual adaptations to the oncology facial routine
  • Adaptation decision making
  • How to make a client comfortable
  • Aftercare
  • Home care
  • Standardised and recognised methods of collecting data to prove the effectiveness of your oncology massage therapies

Day 3
3 facials for cancer patients case studies are required to be submitted and marked before certification. Your case studies have to have been diagnosed with cancer in the past, they do not need to be actively in treatment for cancer but it fine to work with those who are.
Full support is given throughout the case study process and we will help you to find case studies in your area if you are unable to find some willing volunteers.

You will be assessed both formally and informally throughout the oncology course. You will complete various workbooks and activities during Day 1 and Day 2.
You are asked to submit your case studies for marking and you will be given an open book exam workbook which is also to be completed, submitted and marked before we can issue our accredited Post-Graduate Diploma in Oncology Massage.
Assessment methods can be adapted to meet the needs of each student. Your tutors are experts and are likely to intuitively adapt their methods to suit your learning preferences. We encourage students to tell us of anything that we can do to help the learning be the best it can be for them prior to course commencement. We are very discreet and all information provided is confidential.


Do I need qualifications to join a course?

We offer accredited certification upon successful completion of the oncology facials course

Further support
All students are invited to our online learning area for students. This online learning resource is regularly updated and contains new evidence, references and findings. The field of facials for cancer patients is constantly evolving. It is our mission to make sure that you are the best therapist for cancer patients that you can be. We take our responsibilities very seriously and we will share any new learning and developments with you.

All students are welcome to contact us when we are needed.

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