Sleep Ritual Camomile Tea x 15 teabags


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Our Sleep Ritual Tea contains only the best Camomile Flowers, giving a full, fruity flavour accompanied by a light, delightful, floral fragrance. Best enjoyed before bed, when seeking a nap or when feeling like some zen is needed.

Camomile contains a substance known to decrease anxiety and initiate sleep. As ever, we don’t make any promises, we just match ingredients with a need and tell you what we are thinking.

You are not alone. Sleeping is tough for many folk, Up to 70% of those affected by cancer report difficulty sleeping (more than twice that of that of the rest of the population) More than 30% of the undiagnosed population tell us that they struggle to sleep each and every night.

We hope that our tea helps.


Luxury Egyptian Camomile - 1st Grade, field grown, sundried


Nile River Delta, Egypt.




Light, pleasant and fruity


Pale yellow


Fruity, a light floral


Calm, Rested, Relaxed, Contented

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