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‘The low point of cancer treatment is often the moment when a patient no longer recognises themselves when they look in the mirror.” 

This is the finding of research carried out in 2007. I mentioned this in conversation with a very beautiful lady whilst she was going through treatment.

Oh no’ she said, ‘no-one looks in the mirror anymore, the low point is when you catch your reflection in a shop window and wonder who it is’

This reluctance to look in mirrors is sensitively handled at some hospitals. They cover mirrors with blinds, or place them behind shutters, as they understand how damaging an unexpected reflection can be. Others advise their patients to cover mirrors at home, leaving just one ‘available’ in order to avoid surprises.

I don’t want to be the person who advises that you avoid mirrors and cover them. My aim is for you all to avoid this low point – I am confident that I can help you to recognise yourself and to lessen the discomfort arising from some of the side-effects of treatment for cancer.

This chemo care package was created with the aim of helping you to recognise yourself.

Defiant Beauty Cleanse & Moisturise 50ml

Defiant Beauty Exfoliating Sponge x1

Defiant Beauty Cool & Refresh 100ml

Defiant Beauty Serum 15ml

Defiant Beauty Self Tanning Mousse 200ml

Defiant Beauty Eyebrow Kit (brush, stencils, bush a brow, brow wax) x1

Defiant Beauty Black Eyeliner 5g

The Tights Headwrap x1

Value £153

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